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by James C. Stephens

Sunday, May 30, 1971

YMD meeting was vigorous, Jr. Hancho’s lead a song. We had band practice today from 10 until 1. And oh what a practice. We marched, and marched and marched. My leg’s almost fell off, but we really accomplished something for unity and Seattle.

I crashed when I got home. When I got up, I got dressed to go over to Nancy’s to see if she would wash my Seattle uniform and maybe go to see 2001 with me. Just as I was ready, she knocked at the front door so we fed her dinner with us and we drove to her house put the clothes in the washer and split to 2001 and Catch 22. 2001 by Stanley Kubrick was really heavy in light of True Buddhism. Everywhere the space traveler went, they saw this big wooden slab (Dai Gohonzon).