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by James C. Stephens

November 2, 1974

Today I made a strong resolution to the Gohonzon. I have realized what Shibucho said not to chase your fortune. Well, I chanted to the Gohonzon about my relationship and the Gohonzon has really shown me deeply like a parent the route to my true happiness. It was a very valuable experience to my practice while it lasted. It nevertheless hurt me deeply to cut it off but considering what transpired it’s definitely the right direction. I want to build my fortune so that someday I can marry and have a happy relationship based on the Gohonzon.

The Gohonzon is my parent, without it I would have totally flipped out. But now I’m happier in a much deeper sense than ever before.

Thank you Gohonzon! It hurt deeply the way it happened but that the only way I could have learned what I needed to learn.

After the discussion meeting tonight, Shibucho and I had coffee at Corky’s. I expressed my frustration at several things in my life. He told me about following. We talked about school. I told him how I was frustrated about not going. He told me don’t worry–your future is in NSA. It’s stupid to go to school unless you feel the calling to.

I talked about setting my goals too high. He told me there is an art to this. Why chant for a specific # of YMD. Chant 1 million daimoku for a district. It will definitely put you through a lot of change to realize such a district.

On the whole I feel a great surge of hope in my future as a human being. If I can just encourage others to be happy and continue their practice then I will enjoy my life.

Shakubuku is my happiness.

I must establish a circle of friends in society to expand this.

After coffee with Shibucho I called Scott and drove to Northridge on a cold crisp night and had coffee with him. We had a mutually encouraging talk.

November 3, 1974

General Director Williams announced that President Ikeda said officially that we should raise three million dollars for a new headquarters.

Liturgy of Nichiren Shoshu Gongyo bookWilliams talked to us about the importance of Gongyo. Do it with rhythm of Chudo, the middle path, not too loud, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow.

Should not have sickness. Overcome with sincere Gongyo. Those who do weak Gongyo become sick. Don’t take a nap in front of Gohonzon. You may think you should go to bed early because you’re tired. But wrong idea. Better to do Gongyo sincerely, get in rhythm of the universe. 8 hours deep sound sleep from 2 hours. We try to excuse ourselves easily. Ask Gohonzon for medicine Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.. It is the best make-up. Best way to stay healthy. When really in trouble–chant 1 million daimoku and try your best.

Trouble make you chant. Why trouble visit me? All nite toso. I send daimoku to everyone of you. You should chant a lot. Not matter how strong the transmitter if receiver is weak. It doesn’t matter how strong the transmitter is. If you as a receiver are perfect you can feel strong. Meaningless if you do not put your thoughts into practice.

King Devil of the Sixth Heaven. The Devil within us such a nature. Try to make you sleep. “Why don’t you taitan?” But challenge yourself. You say, “children are noisy that’s why I don’t do Gongyo.” Devil trying to take fortune from you. If you chant strong daimoku, the Devil becomes your shotenzenjin (Buddhist god).

Sessen DojiSessen Doji never become enlightened. Tell me last work of enlightenment. Tell me I will give you anything. Devil said, I want human flesh and human blood. Okay, take my body and tell me the last half. Then he’s ready to jump to mouth of devil. He jumped and then he caught him. He was a Sho-tenzinjin. You are the real Buddha.

President Ikeda explained, no matter how much you suffer, you can definitely break through. Get it?  You reach for the unreachable star. Mountain=trouble. Good jet engine–don’t feel low level life–mountain boring. Get jet engine practice.

Hendoku Iyaku (changing poison into medicine) is possible with person chanting lots of daimoku. Hell waits for a person with no daimoku. Happy? Chant! Trouble? Chant! Chant until the last moment of your life! People postpone death with daimoku.

Nichiren Daishonin said he closed the gate to hell. Lotus sutra=Gohonzon. Shakyamuni said the Hokekyo is above all other sutras. Welcome to the ocean-oneness equal all over. Salt necessary everywhere.

U.S.A. has a sho-tenzinjin protecting her. Hachiman (open field) dai-Bosatsu.


by James C. Stephens

June 11, 1972

Kosenrufu Gongyo. (General Director William’s delivers a Gosho lecture on A Reply to Lord Matsuno). “Band of men, very small, but bond in unity to fight big band of warriors. Sons want to follow Father to death, but Father said you return to mother’s place. Son 14 years old. You are young and to live. People are waiting for such a loyal man. Guidance to son: Future is important. Son and father in tears say goodbye.

We are all children of President Ikeda. Three and one half billion people waiting for the Messiah. That’s us!

Because America’s past history okay, future is not okay. That’s dangerous. Anything can happen. Miserable things like JFK. Internal strife. Thirty years from now America’s youth hopeless. But don’t worry, youth of NSA bright and shining and will take care.

Sessenbo to find out enlightenment, gave body for sutra to devil. It was nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Jumped off cliff. Sessenbo felt why should I die while falling, but when he got to bottom it was sho-tenzin, the Buddhist gods.

Your life belongs to America, to world, to Gohonzon. It is your obligation to prove kosenrufu. Please take care of yourself. Hearst slow when you are born ready to get you. If you complain, jealous, become a rattlesnake in Arizona.

Our mission is to save mankind.

Some priests even in Nichiren Shoshu formality. President Ikeda says we should encourage one another. Nikko Shonin “Geka” so close, so beautiful, but some priests envy President Ikeda.  Geka really trusts President Ikeda. We know what a penny is, we sweat.

Toynbee Ikeda Dialogue Choose LifeSogohonbucho’s report (as he accompanied Daisaku Ikeda). “Left Tokyo, stopped in Moscow. Personal impression. Cold atmosphere. Everyone’s a government official. Nobody waited on us. Just watched.

Went to Paris after Moscow, then to London. Arnold Toynbee and President Ikeda together for over twenty hours.

“Discussed subjects and views on the future. Toynbee old, but President Ikeda so young. Mrs. Toynbee said (last words), “People of the world need people like you.”


by James C. Stephens

Wednesday, April 28, 1971

April 28, 1253—Nichiren Daishonin first chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo on the planet.

After the meeting I went over to Lance’s and did Gongyo. First Lance, Jason, his mom and I sat down and chanted fifteen minutes and then did Gongyo. After Gongyo I talked to Lance and Jason and then his mom started arguing with Lance. Then they gave me a ride home and I mildly scolded both of them, told them they had the Gohonzon; and related my family revolution to them. They agreed that ‘beating” each other in essence never got anything accomplished just frustration.


Nichiren Daishonin– (日蓮; February 16, 1222[1] – November 21, 1282) was a Buddhist monk who lived during the Kamakura period (1185–1333) in Japan. Nichiren taught devotion to the Lotus Sutra, which claims to contain Gautama Buddha’s teachings towards the end of his life, as the exclusive means to attain enlightenment. Nichiren believed that this sutra contained the essence of all of Gautama Buddha’s teachings related to the laws of causality, karma, and leading all people without distinction to enlightenment. At the same time he changed his name to Nichiren, nichi (日) meaning “sun” and ren (蓮) meaning “lotus”.[23] This choice, as Nichiren himself explained, was rooted in passages from the Lotus Sutra.”

Daimoku-According to Wikipedia, “On April 28, 1253, he expounded the daimoku teachings for the first time, marking his Sho Tempōrin (初転法輪: “first turning the wheel of the Law”). With this, he proclaimed that devotion and practice based on the Lotus Sutra was the correct form of Buddhism for the current time…This devotion to the sutra entails the chanting of Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō “homage to the Lotus Sutra”, a phrase referred to as the daimoku, as the essential practice of the teaching.

Gongyo- A ritual which is practiced each morning and evening by chanting a chapter and a half of the Lotus Sutra followed by silent prayers, begun by prayers to Shotenzenjin (Buddhist gods) to the east in the morning in the direction of the rising sun.

Gohonzon– At the age of 51, Nichiren Daishonin inscribed the object of worship, a scroll with the names of various Buddhist and Hindu deities, his name, and invocation.

There are over 42 different Nichiren denominations. Here’s something I didn’t know. According to Wikipedia, “In the 20th century, Nichirenism was a fascist movement led by Nichiren Buddhists who attempted a wave of assassinations in an attempt to further ultranationalist goals in 1932. The result is known as the League of Blood Incident. Two months after, in the May 15 Incident, Japanese naval officers, including some associated with the League of Blood, assassinated Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi.”