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by James C. Stephens

April 20, 1973

It’s so hard to make the first mark on a canvas, but I feel it’s almost 100 times more difficult to start one’s own diary.

A few days ago I bought this book for a reason. I had started another diary, but it was sort of spotty. This one I resolve to keep up everyday.  On the back cover I will make a 1 million daimoku chart.

With this one million daimoku I resolve to overcome 1) my uptight nature and change it into Ichinen for President Ikeda and Kosenrufu; 2) To develop concrete goals in my life; 3) To develop a seeking spirit to put President Ikeda’s guidance into practice in the depth’s of my life; 4) To help develop 3 strong YMD leaders by Sho-Hondo Convention 1973; 5) To really direct my life through the Gohonzon to build a strong foundation in order to be strong enough to receive guidances from President Ikeda in the future; 6) Become physically strong; 7) Chant strong rhythmical daimoku; 8) To have super advancement on my bass clarinet and unity in the Brass Band by Sho-Hondo convention; 9) To really learn the spirit of Sta-funi; of following; 10) To be a happy human being able to enjoy things and encourage others.


Sta-funi: Oneness of Master and Disciple.


by James C. Stephens

October 30, 1972


Midnight October 6, everyone heard that Dai Gohonzon would be transferred October 7. Vice President and General Director were not there, but in Tokyo. But NSA was only ones there. YMD of NSA were selected to protect Dai Gohonzon transfer ceremony. GMW (General Director George M. Williams) told members at 7:00 in the morning. Raining day before, snow on Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji so beautifully appeared. Did morning Gongyo together. GMW explained, We together, all NSA promised to protect Dai Gohonzon. Hawaii members just arrived in time. They ran up to the fountain. Didn’t know what was going on. Just saw Geka and Sensei.

President Ikeda said all NSA there. GMW answered we are not just NSA of America, but NSA of the world. We have descendants of every nation of every country all over the world, Africa, Chinese Americans, Philipinos.

Convention1972_1I left from U.S. over a month ago. We (GMW & Sensei Ikeda) met with Ambassador Ingersol from US to Japan. So Sensei invited him to luncheon. 3 hour interview. President Ikeda said he had many fond memories of L.A. World Peace Convention.

October 1, Opening Ceremony. Transferring Rights to President Ikeda and from President Ikeda-Gokuyo to High Priest Geka.

Many guests, dignitaries to the ceremony. Representatives from the Vatican, Ambassadors, and official guests of President Ikeda.

Edward M. Kennedy sent U.S. flag to President Ikeda that flew over the Capitol in Washington for World Peace.

by James C. Stephens

June 11, 1972

Kosenrufu Gongyo. (General Director William’s delivers a Gosho lecture on A Reply to Lord Matsuno). “Band of men, very small, but bond in unity to fight big band of warriors. Sons want to follow Father to death, but Father said you return to mother’s place. Son 14 years old. You are young and to live. People are waiting for such a loyal man. Guidance to son: Future is important. Son and father in tears say goodbye.

We are all children of President Ikeda. Three and one half billion people waiting for the Messiah. That’s us!

Because America’s past history okay, future is not okay. That’s dangerous. Anything can happen. Miserable things like JFK. Internal strife. Thirty years from now America’s youth hopeless. But don’t worry, youth of NSA bright and shining and will take care.

Sessenbo to find out enlightenment, gave body for sutra to devil. It was nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Jumped off cliff. Sessenbo felt why should I die while falling, but when he got to bottom it was sho-tenzin, the Buddhist gods.

Your life belongs to America, to world, to Gohonzon. It is your obligation to prove kosenrufu. Please take care of yourself. Hearst slow when you are born ready to get you. If you complain, jealous, become a rattlesnake in Arizona.

Our mission is to save mankind.

Some priests even in Nichiren Shoshu formality. President Ikeda says we should encourage one another. Nikko Shonin “Geka” so close, so beautiful, but some priests envy President Ikeda.  Geka really trusts President Ikeda. We know what a penny is, we sweat.

Toynbee Ikeda Dialogue Choose LifeSogohonbucho’s report (as he accompanied Daisaku Ikeda). “Left Tokyo, stopped in Moscow. Personal impression. Cold atmosphere. Everyone’s a government official. Nobody waited on us. Just watched.

Went to Paris after Moscow, then to London. Arnold Toynbee and President Ikeda together for over twenty hours.

“Discussed subjects and views on the future. Toynbee old, but President Ikeda so young. Mrs. Toynbee said (last words), “People of the world need people like you.”


James C. Stephens


Thursday, April 15, 1971

About 3:30 this morning we had a 3.5 earthquake. Really strange…I got back my gov’t test-got a D, as in Despicable, and then had a talk with Professor Machado. I shakubukued[1] him. Now I must really shakubuku him through better grades and class participation…I studied for my Man’s religions exam but fell asleep, in the library. That seems to be a real problem with me, I use it as an escape…Today I have a new determination to advance on my clarinet and in my studies day by day. But we’ll just have to see how long that lasts.


We had a very good Brass Band practice tonight. I helped another member with his music and it really felt good. After Band, Honbucho, Mr. Kikamura spoke to us about Sundays activities at Myohoji.[2] He quoted President Ikeda, saying that we should all develop our talent.” Because we can do something no one else can do for Kosen rufu. However he said that we should never think that Nichiren Shoshu needs us, but we really need Gohonzon for our individual happiness. He says Sogohonbucho[3] is working very hard and maybe we could help him a little more by chanting some diamoku for our unity and his success in his travels…I really chanted tonight to feel unity maybe it will come with hard work.


Ask Gohonzon in Evening Gongyo[4] to be in high spirits the next day and have a constructive meaningful day.


Plan your activities a day in advance during evening Gongyo is a good time. And then rethink it during morning Gongyo.


[1] Shakubuku: Tearing and crushing of another’s faith. “A method of propagating Buddhism by refuting another’s attachment to heretical views and thus leading him to the correct Buddhist teaching. The term is used in contrast to shoju, or leading another to the true teaching gradually without refuting his misconceptions.”

[2] Myohoji Temple was built in Etiwanda, California and was about an hour drive east of Santa Monica.  We used to take members there to receive their Gohonzon (Buddhist object of worship) and also for marriages, funerals, and New Years’ activities.  I became acquainted with one of the later priests who is now at Taisekiji near Mt. Fuji in Japan.

[3] Nichiren Shoshu’s organization was a hierarchy that was based upon the master-disciple relationship and used Japanese terminology to denote rank.  Sogohonbucho was George M. Williams, the General Director of  Nichiren Shoshu Academy (NSA, now known as SGI, International—or Soka Gakkai International).  Honbucho was Headquarter’s Chief, who was over the Soshibucho’s (General Chapter Chiefs) who were over Shibucho’s (Chapter Chiefs), who were over Chikabucho’s (District Chiefs) who were over Hancho’s (who were han or small group leaders) who were over junior hancho’s (who were cell leaders).  Each of the male roles had a female role that complemented it.  There were four divisions within the organization: Men’s division, Women’s division, Young Men’s Division (YMD), and Young Women’s Division (YWD).

[4] Gongyo is the prayer liturgy of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhists based upon a chapter and a half of the Lotus Sutra which is recited five times with accompanying silent prayers in the morning and three times in the evening.