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by James C. Stephens

Friday, May 9, 1980

Today was so beautiful inside and out. A lot of preparation came to a beautiful climax. The meeting with the Youth Development Committee was simply outstanding. Everyone shine and felt involved. Michael Crenshaw came for dinner at 7:00, so did Michael Roquemore. We covered a lot of ground before dinner regarding the program. The environment was warm and close. The commitment towards a workshop has come faster than I had expected. The environment was supportive and extremely conducive to a deep sharing of ideas. Michael Crenshaw complimented me on the set up of the meeting. It worked well and he was well received. He’s a light.

In reference to the youth movement I said the future is coming up behind us very fast. In essence this is very true. The youth are the future. It is our great opportunity and privilege to be able to create a new environment for youth to grow in. I am so profoundly excited and moved to be a character in this act.

When our entrance comes

When our part’s time has arrived

Only in that moment will

We know how it will be played,

and only time can judge

the results of that

Movement in time.

The crucial preparation is now.

Every moment is so damned valuable.

Does the great Redwood judge

a winter storm, only in its character. or

a year with much rain

only in its rings, its life.

Every moment is so “neat”

Every moment is so valuable.

Life is a joy!

We create our own environs.

We have a commitment to do a workshop for Michael C. and from Pat Smith, Andrea, Alan Van Campen, Jim S (me) yeh! hip hip hooray! Enough, cut it out kid! Boisterous fool! Yuck! Yuck! Mark Horton, Michael Roquemore.

When: July.

Where: Malibu

Cost: Talk to Michael on Monday $25 or $40.

What: Workshop for coordinators and youth.

Purpose: To deepen understanding of ourselves, and to deepen the experience of ourselves. To develop our loving ability. To be able to transmit the experience and substance of workshop by experiencing it.

Much is left in my mind, have to sort it all out and will transmit more as it develops.

Sweets prepared a superb dinner-chicken, rice, vegetables–exquisite sauce. She’s asleep now and I so much want to convey my hearts feelings to her.

Michael Crenshaw said he really feels comfortable and desires to work with our group. A two day workshop would work fine.

Michael Crenshaw and I will have to work out logistics, that goes without saying. Michael Roquemore wants to work with Michael Crenshaw. I think it will definitely do him service. I also know I can gain much from Michael C.

Anyway, I could write for hours.

Andrea communicated idea of 1st the coordinators being able to do the workshop. Pat contributed concept of an ongoing aspect. Drugs are a problem with youth also. Mark H.-Idea of working with handicapped youth.

Youth need an environment which attracts them. I need sleep and power to bring my ideas to reality. I need experience.


by James C. Stephens

Wednesday, January 23, 1980

Beautiful day! Lots has happened in the past couple of weeks. I have been investing some time on my body with a chiropractor Jerry Wilhelm had recommended. I had been feeling the recurrence of a back spasm I had had several times. While chanting I felt that maybe my spinal alignment or misalignment might have something to do with my “hypoglycemia.” I also had cold feet, spasms, etc. and wondered if they had any connection to my physical condition.

Then I had my appointment with Doctor Clemens and we talked about various feelings I was having. Three vertebra’s were not in place. Specifically # __ and #___ which had a direct effect on my pancreas, which as you know secretes insulin and a second vertebrae which effects lower body circulation. Afterwards I felt quite different. He said we had to realign my hips, which would have an effect on the remainder of my spinal column. As so it went; my feet have been very warm and Liz noticed this as well as did I. My temperament has changed quite noticeably. For the first time in quite awhile I have noticed hunger pangs before my mental alarms have sounded. It is definitely worthwhile to be aware of your physical self and to help maintain it.

I must improve my diet more and (chiropractor just called me in).

Friday, February 1, 1980

I might as well start off with the disturbing dream I had this morning. The basic line was I dropped Liz off at work, she went into her office, and then came out made up real nice. She then hopped in a car with some guy. I drove up to her car, got out, told her, “Wow, don’t you look nice.” She was cold to me, very cold. I told the guy who was young, “it’s okay, we’re getting divorced anyway,  so don’t let me stop you.”  She drove his car away with him and as she left I saw her look through her rear view mirror, I waived, but was hurt very much. Later she returned and says, “hello.”  I look at her and she says yes. But he’s not as good as you at all. End of dream, but not end of feeling.

I communicated this dream to Liz. She was very interested in my reaction to the incident. She left the house very cold this morning as far as I’m concerned. But then again, I expressed my basic interpretation of the dream which was my mistrust of women. The makeup thing and the other man is something my father went through and then divorce; the intercourse and “oh you’re better syndrome is something I had gone through with “X” (before Liz and I were married or knew each other) when I caught “X” in bed with her future husband. (“X” and I at the time were engaged to each other). Both incidents were founded on mistrust. Very painful events which must have had a strong impact on my psyche and thus on my present relationship with Liz. She must have been hurt that I still had this feeling which I laid upon her.

She’s always telling me, “I’m not them.” It’s so hard for me to say, “so” to these extra marital relationships sometimes because it is so related to my self esteem and psyche and past experience.*

*[JCS-These experiences are very painful to recall. Elizabeth and I have since processed many of my failings and the dysfunctional patterns inherited from my youth as I watched my parents failed marriage and examined how they impacted my later relationships. I don’t wish this on any family or their children as divorce affects generations].

February 3, 1980

light sensitivity glassesIt’s been so hard to get around to you (journal) and letting you know what’s been going on. Here’s the list.

  1. Experience with sickness trip at school*,
  2. Onslaught of design jobs-Sarah Vaughn the singer calling our house for maintenance and design, two jobs in Mission Viejo, one in Malibu (Ford Watson);
  3. Decision to pursue apprenticeship in Landscape Architecture firm (Master-Disciple relationship in the field);
  4. Strong feelings about new direction in NSA (my ideas, not organizations); my deep respect growing for Nichiren Daishonin and Buddhism;
  5. “The Phoenix”; Nuclear Build up in Nevada and Utah;
  6. Bob and Joanne Rafkin’s divorce and ensuing problems, involvement w/ people’s internal affairs– learning lesson;
  7. Chiropractic body experience;
  8. Discussion meeting and experience of facilitating;
  9. Adrianne coming to house;
  10. Vincent moving in, cleaning and consolidating, and discarding;
  11. Experience with deaf man working at UCLA in the Ornamental Horticulture department greenhouses on planting in radioactive soil;
  12. Gary Curtis takes Actualization’s workshop,
  13. Classes, projects, wind park, special projects;
  14. Visit to Mom’s; talk with Mom; Dad’s problem’s with relationship; possibility of workshop for him;
  15. Robin Stephens to dinner; planning meeting at our home;
  16. Academy Awards movies;
  17. Rent increase $100-talk with Gerda.


*I was sitting in one of my landscape architecture evening classes at UCLA and there was flickering fluorescent light and it triggered something in my brain. I recall leaving class early and being in an altered state of consciousness. I was not taking any drugs, nor drinking. It was an environmental issue. As I drove home, I thought I was going to die and all I wanted to do was get home to my wife Elizabeth.  I have since discovered that flourescent lighting vibrates at a certain frequency and can affect sensitive persons. When I was working on my master’s degree, I would wear dark glasses to class if it was at night and flourescent’s would be used. That seemed to do the trick.

It’s called photophobia.



by James C. Stephens

March 7, 1974

On Friday, March 1st a new era began in NSA. At the first Headquarters Mr. Williams enshrined a new Joju Gohonzon. The old Gohonzon was ten years old and had Soka Gakkai written on it. The new Gohonzon has Nichiren Shoshu Academy, November 26, 1973 written on it. Friday night I was TCD for this activity. Boy did I go through some heavy changes. Dave Anderson, my TCD chief gave it to me with both barrels. I was TCD of the cross walk on Lincoln Blvd. and what a responsibility it is to guard the crosswalk for pedestrians.

Saturday morning I got a call from my Shibucho to be TCD at the Joint Headquarters. So Saturday morning the first thing I had to do was get some gas. The lines at most stations were about 30 minutes long and I didn’t really have the time to wait that long. Strangely, a service station decided to open up exclusively for my member Paul Diamond and I. (Many years later he asked me to fill in for him as a chauffeur for Eli Broad, who would become the wealthiest entrepreneur in Los Angeles. I did so. Picked up the three newspapers he read daily,  Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and LA Times, drove to his house and drove him in his Jaguar to the UC Board of Regents meeting in Long Beach).

Afterwards I went to the Joint Headquarters and talked to Scott Wilson and at about 4:30 I went to the airport to pick up Mrs. De Chu of Panama. She’s really a groovy person. She speaks Spanish, English, and Japanese and was really an incredible person.  After I picked her up at the airport I took her out to buy some clothes. We sang Doshi-no-uta together.

At eight I had another mission. Instead of going to a meeting I had to drive Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Chuda. I drove them to Malibu in the super van. What a trip. It was pouring rain and all the way out we were learning Doshi-no-uta. I was teaching them the words and son, but in essence they were teaching me the spirit of the song. We sang the song all the way there in the rain, fixed up some beads for President Ikeda’s room and then sang Doshi-no-uta to Mr. Enaba and his wife before we left. It was such a groovy experience.

Sunday morning at 6:00 I started picking up Senior leaders at the Airport for the special Senior leaders meeting with Mr. Williams that afternoon. Once Brad Nixon from Seattle found out that I was originally from Montana he casually joked about the need for leaders in Montana. Later he got serious and he asked my name and who my Shibucho was.

To me it was definitely a benefit from the Gohonzon that such a thing would happen. It was not a mere circumstance. I’m sure of that. Cause and effect are too clear to me for that.

After morning transport, I was told no more help was needed that they had a fresh crew. Well I stayed anyway just downstairs and shaved and washed my face and then took a nap for an hour while we were waiting for the leader’s meeting to conclude.

Afterwards we cleaned up and I was fortunate to be able to give Mrs. O’Rayeh who was carrying Gohonzon’s for Las Vegas, a ride to the airport. On the way, I told her of my Montana benefit from Brad Nixon. He told me he would give me Montana and Idaho and even part of Canada if I decided to move. She was in the bus earlier when he talked to me.

Josei Toda Portrait

Second President Josei Toda.

On the way, she told me about her early practice and her husband Mr. O’Rayeh. She told me that they both received guidance from President Toda personally. She told me he was a very funny person, but very powerful when he had to be, but immediately afterward he would encourage the person he just scolded. Mr. Grant told me that once too. He said that Mr. Williams would scold someone and he really would forget right afterwards. He doesn’t harp on things. Mrs. O’Rayeh said also that President Toda usually wore a kimono. He was a very relaxed person and unusually tall for a Japanese. When he used to give guidance he always would look at you over his glasses with his head tilted down.

I swear I believe we or at least me, for example, take Japanese or people who have practiced a long time for granted. But I felt her beauty from the Gohonzon very deeply. She has had the Gohonzon for something like 20 years. She’s definitely a groovy example of the Gohonzon.

Later that night I got guidance from my Soshibucho Gary Curtis on my job. He told me to stick with it. It’s easy to cop out, he said, but stick it out. He said to quit before the convention is senseless. If you have the Ichinen there will be plenty to do two weeks before the Convention.

Last week Pres. Ikeda was in town for three days. My Chikubucho in fact our whole district was fortunate to have our Chikubucho be with President Ikeda.

For three days before President Ikeda got here, the Malibu Training Center now renamed the Malibu Community Center by President Ikeda, was moving fast. Friday night I helped in the pouring rain and I mean pouring.

Saturday, however I had tobon at the 1st Headquarters during the day. That day was really far out. The Koteketai was leading a whole lot of songs and then all of a sudden, I was called. “And now we’ll have a song from the Toban.” What a hell of a rush. I started off by singing NSA we’re going to Sho Hondo. Oops! Everybody cracked up. Then I sang a vigorous rendition of Shakubuku Song and quickly exited back to my seat to the thunderous applause of the Koteketai. What a rush!

During the week I made the resolution to be on time for work. Monday I did not work, but really got a lot accomplished. I took care of 3 warrants, my registration, address changes, payed off a bounced check and various other things. It was totally worthwhile. Now I have one warrant left which I’m now working on taking care of. I decided not to buy a new car, but to put money into my ’64 VW and get it painted. I think it’s a wise decision, because the price of cars has gone up accordingly with the price of everything else. Hell, you can’t even buy milk one day without the price going up the next minute you turn around. It’s a strange situation. Everywhere you turn there’s some type of problem. If it’s not inflation, it’s gas lines, it’s a line at the post office. The even sadder thing is that the Government is not moving fast enough to put a stop to this critical situation. The gas crisis they say, well it’s over, but is it? Maybe temporarily, but unfortunately the Arab oil barons, a handful of men, could do it easily again to us at an even more crucial time.

It’s four a.m. now at the Joint Headquarters and people are still moving around so at least one Toban should be up. Guess who?

It’s my first Toban at the Joint so I want to be the best Toban! I’m not trying to be a martyr by staying up all night, but Mr. Hall said the Joint Headquarters should be especially protected even if “it means staying up all night yourself.”