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by James C. Stephens

June 3, 1973

We took an oath with Mr. Williams to learn the Kaimoku Sho and to memorize the entire Gosho.

Willy Davis Dodger

Willie Davis was a member of Nichiren Shoshu and was featured in a Sports Illustrated Magazine speaking of his Buddhist practice.

Mr. Williams took us Brass Band and Koteketai to the Dodger baseball game on this day. It was really a new day of bringing true happy spirit back to baseball. The Gakkai spirit shook the Stadium as we shouted unified AAO’s. It was really fantastic when we saw the scoreboard light up with General Director William’s name. What a great moment. The same day there was an old timer’s game.

I had the great opportunity to make Mr. Williams a Thank You Card. It said, “To our General Director Mr. Williams. Thank you for the encouragement. AAO! AAO!AAO! The Baseball Game Was Great!

On the second page it read, “To our master President Ikeda “We will do our best” and we’ll learn the Gosho too.” Mr. Williams signed the card. Really fantastic!


by James C. Stephens

April 22, 1973

George M Williams NSA General DirectorGeneral Meeting with General Director Williams reporting on his Central American Tour to Santa Domingo, Caracus, Venezuela, & Panama.

‘Learn faith from everyone no matter who. President Ikeda sent this message to you: “NSA leads the Kosen-rufu of the world.” Become warm hearted. Study Nichiren Daishonin’s writings in more depth. You are pioneers of Myoho.

‘I am 42 years old’. Mr. Williams lived in Korea for the first 15 years of his life. 27 years ago, I was a student at Seoul high school. left school to build airport, as I touched down memories brought tears to my eyes.

‘Korea has two joint headquarters with 500,000 active members. Strange, without any help they develop themselves, no support.

‘Disciples of President Ikeda same throughout the world. We are equal human beings under Gohonzon.

‘Two days we prepare to meet with officials of Korean government and cabinet members. Start pushing Mr. Williams, “Why face east?” Wait a minute! We live in US, we face New York.”  Afterwards they completely understand! Next question: “Why do we read sutra in Japanese?” Mr. Williams explained, “That it is the same for everyone. Mr. Parks name doesn’t even change when you go to America. Same name.

‘Explained hippy to happy story. After two top CIA men, talk to Chuan Wa (sp?) -top government, then cabinet members, born in San Swe Gen (sp?). Born same place. Pres. invited them to dinner. The met with Public Relations Bureau Chief.

‘New country program of reconstruction. Whole country dirty: they are trying to build new country. Primeminister asked NSA to help country and together try our best.

‘6 days CIA agents became good friends with NSA.

‘Hancho meetings. Felt really like real brothers and sisters of President Ikeda. When I (GMW) was young baby, my mother was sick, and I almost died. Korean mothers nursed me so I cried with WD (Women’s Division) because they raised me.

‘CIA agents always smiled. All the Korean members are interested in NSA movement and President Ikeda. GMW told Korean members he will bring NSA members to visit Korean members. So I teach you Korean- “Amo Hasaminicka’ Hello, how are you?’

‘Five years ago I applied for American citizenship. Tommorrow, April 23, I will swear my Citizenship for America.”

‘President Ikeda spoke on the Kaimoku Sho. Nichiren Daishonin wrote in Sado island during exile, most important guidance. Memorize this Gosho. Live or die together with the Gohonzon. Don’t blame anybody but yourself, fight against yourself.

‘Every day, morning to night, many problems, but Nichiren Daishonin say, ‘keep strong faith, pure faith to Gohonzon and that way you will attain enlightenment.’