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by James C. Stephens

Tuesday, September 9, 1975

I really see this after my time at the convention. I didn’t freak out, but I couldn’t take going back to what I had. The district chief I had, was not what I needed to develop my life. Nonetheless, I told myself not to complain about it. Strangely I could not bring myself to attend discussion meetings or even promote a World Tribune. I was it seemed caught in between. Then the change my old chikabucho said to be a the Headquarters at 10 for new leaders appointments. He said I must go. I though I was being appointed. Inside I said, well if I’m appointed I’ll have to stay. I realized when I wasn’t appointed what a conceited attitude I had.  So many people are working hard for Kosenrufu and here I am expecting an appointment.

Well, I returned home and plotted my trip to Montana, or should I say, escape. I say it would have been the suicide of my practice. Inside I realized that the value I wanted to create was here not somewhere else, but my life was so weak I could only turn to what I thought would make me happy. It took only a call from my new Chickabucho Eric Bruck and I decided to stay for “100 days.”

My new determination started to bear fruit. At a leaders meeting on Tuesday we started a three han system. In my han I have Linda Cook, Scott Ferguson, Jeff Silver, Grant Sorge, Dr. Gary Stevens, Utana, and Deborah Syril.

Last week I moved to Santa Monica. I live at our Chiku. I got a car for $150 and today I got a job right across the street at a Ski Shop called Summit Sports full time.Jean Claude Killy


When I was in High School, I was part of a southern California Ski Race Team from Kratka Ridge. Our coaches, Robin Morning was part of the US Olympic Race Team and Pia Riva McIssacs, three time Italian Olympic Gold medalist in the Women’s downhill. One summer when we were training at Mammoth Mountain, we were able to see our hero Jean Claude Killy on a practice downhill run. Working at Summit Sports was a lot of fun. Met Adam West who played Batman and gave a ride home to Peter, from Peter, Paul and Mary after his car broke down.


by James C. Stephens

February 20, 1975

Tuesday I got up early did a couple of things. I read for awhile and finally decided to take a shower. All of a sudden I heard some knocking on the window. It was ________.

We were both nervous, but happy to see each other.

I really feel something that I feel I can define now. I love her as a human being, we have something really deep in common. She sees me as a Bodhisattva and knows I’m true to her and concerned about her life. I vow to my Gohonzon to see her enlightened in this lifetime and with 3 happy boys.

One million daimoku for _______ to go to the Hawaii Convention and for a strong practice.

Today, no in fact last night I went by Mr. Mitchells and told him I’d be unable to take the job just part-time. This morning Mr. Mitchell woke me and told me I was hired and that I’d be using his Datsun station wagon.

So now I have it. I think I’m going to wash it. Bye.

April 10, 1975-Wednesday 2:30AM

President Ikeda’s guidance.

“A swan seems to swim calmly, but under the water and invisible to us, it paddles unceasingly. For this reason, it can glide smoothly. The leaders may be compared to the webbed feet. Through their strenuous efforts behind the scenes, the whole organization can advance with reassurance.

The new leaders of the future should not be here types who deal with matters merely through their own abilities. A good leader is one who harmonizes all the people in a group,be it a company or home, so that they can put into use their full individuality and potential and work smoothly.”


April 11, 1975 2:35 AM

In about one month I will of had the Gohonzon five years. I can not tell you how happy I am at this moment to realize my fortune of meeting this practice.

This evening we did Brass Band gongyo with Mr. Bond. Each day I’m realizing so much more about my life. I just read over my diary about my experience with ___________.

Now I see it with a much deeper perspective. It brings tears to my eyes and it affects my heart, but in  a much different way than two weeks ago. Of course its natural to be horny and feel you’re God’s Gift to women, that’s a male’s nature. But now I feel a bit more hesitation about the sex end. Sure it goes through my mind, but now I think much more about others happiness and constantly remind myself of my unfortunate experience. Sure its hard sometimes to women off your mind, but now I’m thinking much more about the serious campaign we are engaged in now. The Blue Hawaii Pre-Bicentennial Convention. I’m nervous. I have made a new resolution for the past month or more to develop the YMD in our district. For awhile some new YMD were coming around. Now they have titaned strongly. They don’t hate NSA, they love it, but are just too lazy to practice this philosophy. Now before I would have been depressed, but instead I have resolved not to give up. I know that the Gohonzon’s benefit is there but I have but to struggle and develop through the obstacle to obtain the great benefit.

Even though the Shakubuku result does not show at the moment, I am confident that we will very definitely shoot up very soon.  I feel that the YMD movement is taking on new power. I have seen Jeff Silver take on new interest, even make some suggestions about the Shakubuku campaign. This is my benefit, knowing this is from trying to capture some of Soshibucho’s YMD spirit. Shibucho is letting me help with the YMD report. Also I’m back in Brass Band. Last week I had to lead a major portion of a drum section practice. Definite steps to increased human revolution. I have also assumed the responsibility through Shibucho of being the Chapter representative of the University Club. I got a raise at my job of $25.

Three days ago Scott and I started a 2 hour toso every night until May 15 or later. This is a great benefit to me because I need this daimoku fortune to develop myself.

I’m finally starting to think of the person I want to become. Soshibucho is a great encouragement. Another benefit is the Shakubuku Shockwave I was able to go on to Santa Barbara recently. Shoshibucho was there. I shakubukued a girl and she joined. Sunday night I got a huge benefit. I had sort of blown Sunday, but nevertheless I felt like going to Santa Monica to get recharged. I dropped off some cards from the UC at the JHQ. No one seemed to be around. I talked to Jim Jay in the phone box for awhile and as I was about to leave he said Homencho was in the office talking to some people. Why don’t you try to get in. So I did and ended up listening to guidance for about 2 hours on various subjects from the Hawaii Convention to YMD spirit. Well time to chant some daimoku.