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by James C. Stephens

September 13, 1974

The month of September for myself has always been a month of accepting a new set of challenges and responsibilities. I have now since the beginning of September been put into a new Chapter- Wilshire. The old district or should I say group I was leading in the Valley has now become a district in Sepulveda. I’m now in Chautauqua district. This month we are vigorously trying to get her on her feet while the district leader Mr. Gjoyer is away in Europe with his wife.

File0469This month by the 11th we had 100 World Tribune which is twice what she ever got. Not our Chapter Assistant Mr. Mitchell is asking us to get 12 more for helping the other districts get their goal to make it easier for them. Along with that we are promoting 10 more Dodger tickets for the 21st which is NSA Day at Dodger Stadium and fighting for 15 Gojukai in our district.

I have been given alot of responsibility very quickly in this district especially with the Y.M.D. and new members. Too much so fast! I never expected to be given this when I was transferred.

Everything else in my life is really up in the air. My car is on the blink and the car I’m driving until my VW gets fixed is almost ready to throw a rod. But I always go through these time periods whenever I change anything. Either everything is blown up or nothing. In certain times of my life I fall in love or what I believe is such. Of course I’m so careful not to get carried away by my emotions in a certain sense. I must start building for the future! I’m fighting for my future in City Hall and learning so much about government. In a way I’m so hesitant about going back to school. I love fighting in society. School is so damned theoretical and it’s hard to keep a strong rhythm in my daily practice.

If I get a student loan, then definitely I will make school a full time job and fight to establish a rhythm and value creating daily life as far as school and my practice. I’m just so up in the air as to what I’m doing at the present time. So I decided to sit down and take not of where I’m at and where I’m headed.

I’ve played around with school for too long. Now is the time to get a practical education and graduate.

  1. Diagram a plan of action.
  2. Meet with Dr. Campbell and discuss it. Fix a feasible time for graduation and fight for it!
  3. By 1975, Summer I want to be working in the NSA Headquarters. This year I must develop more than ever!
  4. I also want to work in city government. By the age of 29 I will be a Senator from the State of California. This is my goal.


by James Stephens

September 3, 1973


Nichiren Shoshu’s Cultural Division Min-On put on a pre game show at Dodger Stadium. It had a Polynesian style flavor complete with outrigger canoes, a volcano that spouted smoke, waves and hulu girls.

All last week we vigorously practiced for our first September performance at Dodger Stadium. After each practice our chapter has been meeting at 12:00 for daimoku and even a zadankai meeting. One night around 2:30 in the morning Paul Wilkes, Dave Valencia and I stopped at California Donuts on Balboa and Devonshire for a donut. While we were there we shakubukued 2 guys Lance and Ken and invited them to a meeting on Friday. They came and joined and received Gohonzon on August 26 at Myohoji.