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by James C. Stephens


Friday, November 28, 1975

Santana winds and fire

Thanksgiving yesterday brought with it the beginning of winter. The days before were balmy with Santana winds and fires of great destruction. Fires in the local mountains left many people homeless and burned the foliage off the mountains so badly needed during the rainy season for flood control. The newspapers despite the Thanksgiving season ring of war in the middle east, fires and other tragedies. Little hope is inspired in reading these modern newspapers. One can’t help but become depressed if he reads the daily news.

Thanksgiving this year I spent with my Father. We had an excellent, I mean superb meal. My dad is an excellent cook, so’s his girlfriend. My aunt Retha was there also. For a change we got along very well. I think I have changed a great deal in the past six months.

She is tracing our family tree on my Dad’s side. To my surprise and happiness I’m approximately 1/16 Chickasaw Indian. I always felt I had something to do with our native America. Also during the Civil War my ancestors fought on the side of the south as far as we know, in South Carolina. I am anxious to find out where we were in 1776. It was a very happy family reunion.

Before I left for dinner I called my old friend Pat Flaherty in Great Falls. I shakubukued him over the phone. He remarked that he was very impressed and would like to try the philosophy. He also agreed up the idea that Human Revolution was the most logical way to World Peace. I must write him soon. I sent him the World Tribune for December.

Work was extremely hard for me today. I must build up more confidence. My dress must improve. I must become a better worker.

My car has given me some problems and has been parked in front of our neighbor’s parking area. He complained, so I told him that I would move it. Tonight after going to the LA #1 Headquarters, I went to move it and the front window was broken all over and the aerial was broken off. I was very angry. I knocked on the guys door. He said he didn’t do it. I question that, but I hope he didn’t resort to such tactics. It’s very disheartening.

I took the bus to the meeting tonight. On the way I started shakubukuing one black guy named Larry. He decided to attend the meeting. A fellow name Howard overheard our talk and decided when I asked him, to come. Larry did not join, but was interested. Howard joined and paid for his Gohonzon. He seems to be sincerely interested in the practice of this philosophy. He’s a pharmacist.