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by James Stephens

September 3, 1973


Nichiren Shoshu’s Cultural Division Min-On put on a pre game show at Dodger Stadium. It had a Polynesian style flavor complete with outrigger canoes, a volcano that spouted smoke, waves and hulu girls.

All last week we vigorously practiced for our first September performance at Dodger Stadium. After each practice our chapter has been meeting at 12:00 for daimoku and even a zadankai meeting. One night around 2:30 in the morning Paul Wilkes, Dave Valencia and I stopped at California Donuts on Balboa and Devonshire for a donut. While we were there we shakubukued 2 guys Lance and Ken and invited them to a meeting on Friday. They came and joined and received Gohonzon on August 26 at Myohoji.