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by James C. Stephens


Thursday, March 11, 1976


Well, a month has passed since I last wrote you. My, my. Many gallons of water have passed beneath the bridge. As usual I fall in love once a week with a different Joshibu. Luckily none of them know it or I’d have a lot of problems on my hands! Hah!

My campaign to get YMD practicing has taken a turn for the best. Our district is now a new chapter–Marina Chapter.  I got three YMD to receive Gohonzons the first Gojukai of March.

I also prepared them for the NSA Academy Entrance Exam. Richard Fong who I shakubukued from the Mayor’s office Summer Youth Program brought a guest.

Jordan Yee is a hard working medical student at UCLA. He’s from Hong Kong originally.

Tom Brittingham is doing really well. He’s living in his camper to save some money since he had a couple of accidents.

Howard Miramoto, the pharmicist finally got a car. Speaking of car that’s my benefit took, a 1969 VW bug. Still having problems financing it, but it will happen.

Red VW

Wednesday, March 17, 1975

Into a vigorous World Tribune campaign once again. My newest YMD are going through some obstacles partly because of my lack of training. I took 3 new YMD out to eat and it turned out to be a 3 on 1 (me) situation. Questions, questions, questions.

During my Shakubukuing of a new guest I brought, Richard invited Bob and also Howard to some Hindu meeting on Monday night in lieu of the discussion meeting. They all went. Howard sounded bad the next day.

March 23, 1975

Tonight no activities. Got off work early, washed car and clothes.

Went to a couple of movies with Sandy Shore.

I’m really confused and frustrated around girls.

Goodnight. I don’t feel good about this situation.

Tears cloud my eyes, love clouds my mind. Maybe I’m just seeking someone to share my love with. Is this such a bad desire?