Does the great Redwood judge?

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by James C. Stephens

Friday, May 9, 1980

Today was so beautiful inside and out. A lot of preparation came to a beautiful climax. The meeting with the Youth Development Committee was simply outstanding. Everyone shine and felt involved. Michael Crenshaw came for dinner at 7:00, so did Michael Roquemore. We covered a lot of ground before dinner regarding the program. The environment was warm and close. The commitment towards a workshop has come faster than I had expected. The environment was supportive and extremely conducive to a deep sharing of ideas. Michael Crenshaw complimented me on the set up of the meeting. It worked well and he was well received. He’s a light.

In reference to the youth movement I said the future is coming up behind us very fast. In essence this is very true. The youth are the future. It is our great opportunity and privilege to be able to create a new environment for youth to grow in. I am so profoundly excited and moved to be a character in this act.

When our entrance comes

When our part’s time has arrived

Only in that moment will

We know how it will be played,

and only time can judge

the results of that

Movement in time.

The crucial preparation is now.

Every moment is so damned valuable.

Does the great Redwood judge

a winter storm, only in its character. or

a year with much rain

only in its rings, its life.

Every moment is so “neat”

Every moment is so valuable.

Life is a joy!

We create our own environs.

We have a commitment to do a workshop for Michael C. and from Pat Smith, Andrea, Alan Van Campen, Jim S (me) yeh! hip hip hooray! Enough, cut it out kid! Boisterous fool! Yuck! Yuck! Mark Horton, Michael Roquemore.

When: July.

Where: Malibu

Cost: Talk to Michael on Monday $25 or $40.

What: Workshop for coordinators and youth.

Purpose: To deepen understanding of ourselves, and to deepen the experience of ourselves. To develop our loving ability. To be able to transmit the experience and substance of workshop by experiencing it.

Much is left in my mind, have to sort it all out and will transmit more as it develops.

Sweets prepared a superb dinner-chicken, rice, vegetables–exquisite sauce. She’s asleep now and I so much want to convey my hearts feelings to her.

Michael Crenshaw said he really feels comfortable and desires to work with our group. A two day workshop would work fine.

Michael Crenshaw and I will have to work out logistics, that goes without saying. Michael Roquemore wants to work with Michael Crenshaw. I think it will definitely do him service. I also know I can gain much from Michael C.

Anyway, I could write for hours.

Andrea communicated idea of 1st the coordinators being able to do the workshop. Pat contributed concept of an ongoing aspect. Drugs are a problem with youth also. Mark H.-Idea of working with handicapped youth.

Youth need an environment which attracts them. I need sleep and power to bring my ideas to reality. I need experience.


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