“It’s life’s Illusions we recall”

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by James C. Stephens

February 17, 1980

Illusion living on credit. Americans are people shopping on credit in relationships.

Many people haven’t accumulated currency of evolution, of experience, spontaneity, conscious love, artistry, perception, intuitiveness.

Popularization of Psychology. “A little knowledge was dangerous. Much pressure on relationships, high expectations. Marriage different purpose in older ages. Marriage in common law for property. Much pressure put on relationships. Destruction of nuclear family, decentralization of the workforce, transient society. Much pressure on area.

Instant gratification is unavailable. Neurotic episodes of falling in love starts all over again.

People end their relationships more often than not when its not the thing to do.

People want to eat the whole thing. Very few people go the extra distance. I am old fashioned in a way I like things to endure.

But not in the essence of form. Relationship didn’t end, but form, wife, Carol Augustus. Stewart Emery and Carol Augustus experienced that life didn’t have to be a war.

Don’t demand a constancy of form, just a quality of experience. Spend a lot of time in investing in currency to make the relationship.

Stewart Emery-I’m 39.  Eleven years ago everything totally unsatisfactory. Spent a year and a half doing workshops, sold business, packed suitcases-came to America-to Los Angeles because it offered more than any place else. I knew that India and Ceylon were available.

When not doing workshops, was at Vegas–find consciousness were it exists. When I was broke, played blackjack, won-blessed. Got involved in Mind Dynamics with Werner, the originator of concepts in EST.

People don’t know what it takes. What it cost not to work for a year and a half-made an investment in me. I was so scared that I started to wake up my sheets were soiled I was so frightened-no choice but to got forward and keep going forth.

Times I wondered why I left unconscious affluence. When you start to wake up its painful–I didn’t think I was without courage. Part of me just started to register for everything–$2,000. I made an investment in myself. Less experience than a year of college. Frightened we need it, and that its an admission that something is wrong with us. American Pollyanna-the dream.

What are you going to be when you grow up? How in the hell should I know? I don’t plan on it. I don’t choose–I don’t sit back. I do what I do with enthusiasm and assertiveness. Open to the currents and shifts of the wind. Somethings I really want to do, seas don’t part, so I am don’t do it. I don’t push shit up the hill. It’s irrational, in a society that trained logically.

If you look at a successful, an unsuccessful person, immaterial, or material.

Resentment is an unsatisfactory partner in a ménage à trois relationship between two partners. Resentment is a form of arrogance that you despise very much.

We are not lucky, we simply reap as we sow.

Anger has served its purpose in your life. When it was there it kept you alive, but it’s no longer an appropriate traveler that kept you on the path. How can you overcome the anger and resentment?

Joni Mitchell said, “It’s life illusions we recall, I really don’t know life at all.”


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