In a Great Light, No Darkness can hide

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by James C. Stephens

February 15, 1980

[Note: I was in a period where I was involved in Actualizations, a human potential workshop established by Stewart Emery in 1975 who was influenced by the work of Werner Erhard, the founder of EST, where he served as its first CEO before launching out on his own. He is originally from Australia. He has since trained over 250,000 people in his seminars and worked with clients ranging from the Design team at Apple to Barnes and Noble, to the Priceless campaign at MasterCard. His ideas are incorporated in “Success Built to Last, which he co-wrote with Porras and ThompsonThis body of work sprang from the most comprehensive research project ever undertaken into what makes a great company great, how good companies become great companies, and the traits of enduringly successful leaders who build great companies.”

These are some of the notes I took during the workshops composed of those items which I personally found of interest. It may be something you want to skip or not as they are bits and pieces as recorded. JCS]

Graduate Workshop Review with Stewart Emery.

Why make marriage commitment? Why do people need that legal paper? Lot of energy on the word marriage.

Mother died at 3. Sadistic mother. Discipline–staying on the path.

Bankrupt at 20. Worked ass off. Shattered my Pollyanna attitudes. In the 60’s standard of living up; 70’s consumer index record high in history; historically record high prime rate.

Big minded people began to think they may have to do things they might not want to do. Many were ineffective. I began to explore the idea, “How to become effective?” Some didn’t want to be accountable. Great performers who have not felt great,  had a great performance even when they hate doing it. They set aside hate doing it-just do it. [I wonder if that is where Nike got their slogan-Just do it!]

Movies. In Good, Bad and the Ugly, there is a scene where Eli Wallach, the “Ugly” is in the bathroom taking a bubblebath and a gunmen barges in and tells him, I’ve been hunting you down and now… Ugly from under the bubbles shoots him a few times and then says, “When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.”

The lesson in life is when its time to shoot, shoot.

You get results by busting your ass. “You can have almost anything in the world you want, but probably you will have to work for it.”

Memory trainer. Easy Way to Remember, Miracle Memory Book, Memory Training Course.

Items that make a difference for me.

  1. Simplicity-throw out a lot in home. Organization contributes to your health.
  2. Commitment with wife. Sometimes in love, sometimes not, but committed.
  3. Finding people to play with. First, being more playful.
  4. One step at a time. I don’t get up early, but out of necessity am starting to in order to produce a new reality.
  5. Cut out extraneous activity and environments which are not supportive.

As long as something is not finished, the consequence of fear of being judged is postponed.

Get rid of projects that are not creating value for you.

Develop the discipline of choosing projects that fit your goals, otherwise they are a drain on your power.

Items that separate us from people.

Stop editorializing. [If someone editorializes, they express their opinion about something rather than just stating facts; mainly used in contexts where you are talking about journalists and newspapers.]

Money Consciousness. It’s hard to get what you resent.

[Definition and used in a sentence- “to feel angry because you have been forced to accept someone or something that you do not like: She bitterly resented her father’s new wife. He resents having to explain his work to other people.”]

Vague and general communication.

Confusion is the indulgence of irresponsibility, so you never get called on it.

Close jobs playfully. Results matter, not just working on it. Do well and you will be nurtured in business.

In business: Learn to stay focused.

February 16, 1980

Lack of focus is a form of irresponsibility.

Nothing clears the mind better than you will die tomorrow.

Gravity doesn’t give a shit.

Kyochi myogo-fusion of subject and object.

Stewart Emery: “Success is a journey not a destination.”

Don’t take acknowledgement personally, it ain’t.

Sometimes its okay to detest behavior and differences.

Best cure for tantrums is to ignore them.

Don’t give up your power to guilt.

Someday you have to give up illusions of what you have to be.

Surrender takes courage.

Distrust of life itself is not surrender.

Let it Be (Beatles).

Give up trying to satisfy your needs. To have friends, don’t pursue. Need to be a friend.

Darkness tries to engulf the light.

In a Great Light,

No Darkness can hide,

It runs like cockroaches,

when the light comes on.

Without Darkness, there would be no light.

“If you’re a willow tree you need to be by a river.”

Jenny had an accident at 15 years old and was in a coma for two months. “Why did this happen to me? Could have given up on life, but I didn’t.

Honnin’myo. Get on with life. Start fresh from now.

Getting sore from sitting so much in these seminars.

Lust, let it be. Next.

Keep demanding that the world conform to our view of reality, but it doesn’t.

Can’t resent that, should see that its an opportunity for you to be supportive.

For Stewart Emery –to be wherever he is, he is contributing to a supportive environment.

Some who complain the loudest, usually are doing the least. Complainers can be a disease. Need a surgeon.

Probably complaining because they are not getting their job done.

Time to be a source of a supportive environment instead of demanding one.

Aspect of enlightenment-Buddhahood.

Demand supportive environment. Took me 3 years to get boss in the workshop. Took risks.

Victim not source. Be a source of support. It’s up to us.

God made the props and cast of millions and is watching.

Be unyielding, tough, and supportive.

Enrolling people to play. Nice guys are nauseating. Graciousness is important.

Do it or don’t. The rest is caca.

Would like Mark Lovendale to share a bit about his work about Quality Longevity based upon the work of Pritikin who addressed degenerative diseases, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes through diet and exercise. [He showed charts of lifespan per country and how diet affects that longevity].

Tough to be loving.

Keeping inspired by keeping around me those people, those things, those objects that inspire me.

Lots of healing in music. Beethoven, Mozart. These alter the state of one’s consciousness.

What gets in most people’s way is indulgence. Dungeons and Dragons.

Isolation in life in profession.

The heart is the last thing to open in safety.

Can’t serve two masters, you never do-finally its only yourself.

February 17, 1980

Illusion living on credit. America-people shopping on credit in relationships.





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