by James C. Stephens

Sunday, November 25, 1979


Aunt Lil and Bel, two sisters, both retired attorneys on a final visit to Los Angeles.

Thursday spent a few hours with Liz’s Aunts from Israel. Bel, Lil and Doris at Aunt Sharon’s. Adrianne, Ruthie, Sharon, Rebecca, and Jerry were also there with Liz and I.

Left, went and picked up Vincent and had Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner with Mom and Sully. Carol, Candy, Chris and Steve and Jeffrey their son were also there. Chris is very cold. I feel sorry for her. Her beauty is very shallow although she looks very much so, she is not any fun. I feel very sorry for her.

Sully is 61 as of Wednesday last week. We all had a few good laughs over his talk about cockroaches in his peanuts, all in all a pleasant dinner and company. Sully is a fine person. Mom would be making a mistake losing or moving away from him, as far as I know.

Who s killing the great chefs of europe film posterFriday, Liz and I went to the Valley. Mostly loafed at Reiner’s. Francis gave us the “cooks tour.” (We were the gardener’s for Rob and Penny Reiner, who at the time were married and had a home in Encino. Rob was “Meathead” on All in the Family and Penny Marshall was Laverne on the Laverne and Shirley show). We had a pleasant conversation about odds and ends. Friday night we spent a really  (trying to get away from using this word) pleasant, lovely evening at home. Watched a hilarious movie, “Who’s Killing the Great Chef’s of Europe.” Very funny and also heart warming, exciting and sad. Next James Taylor in Concert. We felt like young lovers, who had just met. That was so warm for the both of us. At times you discover someone new in the person you love and think you know so well. It’s quite exciting.


Saturday~Bought the Aunts some Caswell-Massey Cologne for presents. Slept late cuddled.

Nichiren the filmSaw movie “Nichiren” at Toho LaBrea Theater. Liz cried many times. I was inspired by the movie. What a great heritage and founder we have. I must not let him down.

Vincent came with us. He asked many questions about Nichiren and the religion.

We all went out to Asuka Restaurant for Japanese food and walked through Westwood afterwards, picked up a Cole Porter Record for Sully’s belated birthday present. Then home. Talked for a time about Buddhist philosophy with Vincent. I must improve my delivery of ideas. More clarity. Must develop my own style.

Spa, study and visited Aunts at Sharon’s. Talked of many things. Aunts want us to write once a month. Aunt Bel was mad at us for them for giving them presents. None-the-less they liked them.

Home~felt a knot on inside of my leg. Called Gary (Dr. Gary Stevens). He told m to come on by. Liz and I did. He said it was surface infection. Gave me antibiotics.

Starting my study on Buddhism and Times. Bought another record book. Will read, record, and develop my understanding of Nichiren’s Buddhism and Nichiren. His confidence inspires me. I hold the same goal. New determination is growing inside of me.



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