Everything in life is a Golden Opportunity

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by James C. Stephens

May 24, 1979

What is my goal now? It is to love myself, to enjoy myself in my life. To always support my dream in life. To be a significant part of doing kosenrufu or world peace through true humanism. My true joy is being with people and in seeing people become happy and productive in their life.

Last night, actually this morning I have made a decision, one which I will share with you. For the past months I have become increasingly aware of the need for a training program for companies whereby the effectiveness of those companies is increased. I have also started to become aware of my talent as an individual human being and have seen it in its rough form. Several months ago I decided on a career in international business. Why I don’t know. It was just a career. The emphasis was in marketing. Now comes the interesting realization for me. I have always had a pretty non-supportive attitude towards myself. Finding many reasons why I haven’t been ahead in life. One of the major things has been no Bachelor’s degree. I now see this as utter nonsense. I recognized that I learn best in life under pressure of a situation. I grasp things that otherwise escape my concentration. My concept of education is rapidly becoming altered and reinforced at the same time. My life in the past was so hung up on the future that the present was passing me by. Strange thing you never do live in the future always the present. The future never really comes. So what to do? Always trust your intuitive sense that what is upon you is a great opportunity, and do just what it requires to make it just that, a great opportunity.

My idea has already seen fruition in Actualizations.* Yet there is a seat, no, a role in it for me. What makes a good marketing man? Is not this the education I was going to school for? My education lies in my experience truly.  No longer will I be hung up in the concept of the future the way I saw it before. I must do what supports me at this moment. The workshop is my concept for helping business’s help themselves. Carol Augustus, though I have not met her, has helped me realize you can do many things. Not only is she the co-founder of Actualizations, she is also the head and founder of other businesses. That is the quality I will and am developing. Marketing skills and personal effectiveness tools. There is a place for me being a marketing agent for Actualizations. To get there or somewhere else, just takes a step forward, anywhere. Whether my mind changes or not, this leads me to new possibilities in myself which is my ultimate goal. Le’t call it my beautification and enlightenment concept. Any person or business can experience it. What does that particular entity need? It needs a supportive environment. How does it get that? It works for it. Nothing will be just bestowed on you. It requires work, perseverance and determination. Unyielding to your essence, yielding the right to pass the negativity in life. Remember everything in life is a Golden Opportunity. Choose to see life that way and do what supports you.

To cover a pimple with makeup is to cover the problem. It still hangs you up, because most probably you’re thinking someone knows you’re doing so. You’re right, congratulations! Take care of the inside and the outside becomes luminous.

Monday, May 28, 1979

Wife and I took a nice walk today down to McDonald’s, talked about things in general. Felt much better. When down, take a walk. It’s very therapeutic especially with someone you love.


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