The Workshop Exemplifies Life Itself

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by James C. Stephens

Friday, May 18, 1979

The past two days have been interesting needless to say. Thursday I started on my strict study schedule. Business Law is my number 1 priority, since my midterm arrives on Wednesday, May 24. I have thoroughly studied and reached my goal of 6 chapters in the last two days. My goal: To catch up-keep up and keep ahead. This is a great practical challenge for me. I’m learning to concentrate my energies on a project instead of just planning to. Believe me that’s a big step for me.


My wife Elizabeth at our home on Woodbine in Culver City.

Liz is taking the workshop this weekend. She was really experiencing a lot of anxiety about it on Thursday afternoon. We have been going through a lot of growth problems lately, and have been working out a lot of solutions. I have grown and become much more aware since I took the Self Esteem workshop and the original workshop. It has been awfully painful coming out on this end since I now can see what is not only holding me back, but also what’s holding back my wife.

I tend to be hard on her at times. Sometimes I’m loving, at other times cold. I am working towards consistency in my life. Thursday night I was really worried about Liz taking the workshop. She came home and all she could do was complain. I wouldn’t put up with that garbage, told her, rolled over and went to sleep.

We have been having trust problems lately. Sincerely I do love her although my love at times is clouded by my own inability to be open and loving.

This morning she complained about the workshop and I told her its like life– you can choose to see the bad or to enjoy the experience. You might get nothing out of this. People are people. Anyway it was a cloudy situation and a bit cold. However, I did not support the line she was feeding out into the environment. She felt condemned, she told me. I said, honey I don’t feel like I’m condemning your essence at all. I love you, but I don’t love the bull. So I’ll tell you frankly what I don’t like when I see it.

11:25 pm. I feel some kind of weight is gone. I believe in the workshop. It was a weighty experience in my life. It definitely gave the seed of Buddhahood a needed boost. I am in full support of Liz’z experience and undoubtedly feel like she is growing. Believe me I’m pulling with her. We are in a creative situation and I sincerely pray she opens to all the workshop* has to offer.


Your husband.

*Workshop to me exemplifies life itself.

It is a game, certain rules

and if we only open our eyes

we can see a new horizon

meant for us to see and


It’s called Life.


Saturday morning, May 19, 1979

I’ve got to tell you how happy I am. God am I happy. Not pasted to the wall happy, deeply moved. Last night it was so great to see my wife. So great to see her happy and involved telling me what she saw yesterday at the workshop. She looked really different. Damn! I’m sincerely happy. She got in about 1:30 last night and I just could feel so well. My intuition about it last night was right on! She only could say how she wanted Marshel and her sister to take it and so we talked until 2:30. What can I say?

This morning I dropped her off and went in with her. What a great feeling. Shucks. Rocky was busy and on top of it. Said hello to Pamela, Chris and Shawna, and Frank. Sia is looking really well. (Actualization’s Communications Team).

It’s time to get to work!

P.S. got gas-short line 15 minutes. That was nice-even got my windows done (Chevron Station).

Saturday Evening-Sunday morning 1:30 a.m.

I’ve got to tell you how I feel uneasy. I’m a lot disturbed that Liz hasn’t called me all day. I don’t feel its very considerate of my feelings. It causes unnecessary doubt to crop up for me. In a relationship it is very important to communicate on the part of both parties. Consideration of another’s feelings is shown when a simple call is made.


We talked afterwards and situation was resolved very rapidly. I just handed her the previous paragraph. She read it. And she told me she didn’t call because she said she thought I would just say that she called because I said something “about it” yesterday.

She looked so good last night. We talked for a long while and had a swell time. She’s my lover,…and friend…and wife.

Do you know she shared first in the workshop and she didn’t want to tell me at first. I’m so proud of my gutsy lady.

What can I say?





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