Victim of the King Devil of the Sixth Heaven

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by James C. Stephens

Tuesday, May 23, 1977

99.7 degrees F-my temperature. Went to work today, but felt very sick, aches and sharp pains- probably the flu. I chanted to the Gohonzon for a correct attitude and clearer head regarding my relationship with Isabel. I feel from reading President Ikeda’s guidance the following:

Toynbee Ikeda Dialogue Choose Life

Choose Life is the title of a series of talks between Daisaku Ikeda and the famous English historian Arnold Toynbee.

In the World Tribune there is an editorial, no a series on the “Dialogue on Life.” I’ve read it twice and it has struck a very deep chord in my life. I will copy it in my notebook, but first I would like to give my impression. Recently I received the guidance of President Ikeda conveyed through Mr. McCloskey at a recent Senior leader’s meeting. His guidance is not starting to take on meaning in my life, because of my experience with Isabel. Because my desire is so selfish, our relationship soured totally. Primarily I believe I lost temporarily the prime point of my faith. By chasing my desire, my lower early desires I have become a victim of the King Devil of the Sixth Heaven.

My vital life force has waned and now I am ill. This is my Karma*, I can see it somewhat clearly.

Isabel is not the cause of my Karma; it is not the Gohonzon either. It is primarily my ignorance of the true essence of life. I believe before I can confidently pursue a mate or have a mate I must first struggle with this darkness in my life. I am not going to forget Isabel, she has become a Zenchishiki.* I just will shift gears of our relationship. She said she is not ready, I too am not ready, so we will become good friends. My primary goal is to lead her to the Gohonzon. From here her happiness will really spring, not from my evil desire to possess her. I feel now that my conversation with her Sunday was the result of my evil nature and desire of power and dominance.

However, I have the Gohonzon and can chant the daimoku to do Hendoku Iyaku* on this situation. Faith first.

Zenchishiki: A good friend in Buddhist philosophy.  It could be the experiences which come through having  a bad relationship or being attacked by an enemy which one learns the greatest lessons from. Like in sword fighting. The more qualified your sparring partner, the better one becomes-that is if they don’t kill you.

Hendoku Iyaku– changing poison into medicine. Not literally, but taking a bad circumstance and turning it a positive growth experience.

Karma [業] (; Pali kamma;  ): “Potentials in the inner, unconscious realm of life created through one’s actions in the past or present that manifest themselves as various results in the present or future. Karma is a variation of the Sanskrit karman, which means act, action, a former act leading to a future result, or result. Buddhism interprets karma in two ways: as indicating three categories of action, i.e., mental, verbal, and physical, and as indicating a dormant force thereby produced. That is, one’s thought, speech, and behavior, both good and bad, imprint themselves as a latent force or potential in one’s life.”

King Devil of the Sixth Heavendairokuten-no-maō): “Also, devil king or heavenly devil. The king of devils, who dwells in the highest or the sixth heaven of the world of desire. He is also named Freely Enjoying Things Conjured by Others, the king who makes free use of the fruits of others’ efforts for his own pleasure. Served by innumerable minions, he obstructs Buddhist practice and delights in sapping the life force of other beings. One of the four devils.”

(Post reflection: The aforementioned doesn’t sound like what I really felt, but what I was fed through guidance. I didn’t have what one would call an evil desire to dominate or for a need of power over another. I had a healthy attraction to Isabel and most likely misinterpreted her mixed signals, e.g., I drop by and you’re in a negligee type robe. Hello, I am a male. I just left with a peck on the cheek. She said she was busy and I took her at her word. I think when I later wrote my journal entry at the time I was hurt and in denial of her rejection and did not take the proper time to process my emotions, nor my past relationships with women. I wanted to be married, was ready, but Isabel was clearly never going to be ready for a lifelong commitment which I was looking for. I had also as you may have read earlier been accused of having an affair and was the object of rumors. I later discovered that certain of my senior leaders were having affairs at the time which I was totally unaware of. I was the naive ‘true believer.’

Some of the definitions are directly from my memory, while others are taken from


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