Meeting Copeland, a Great American Composer

Posted: May 10, 2018 in Uncategorized
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by James C. Stephens

Sunday, August 29, 1976

Well, yesterday marked the end of my relationship with a girl named Irma. I can’t really talk about it at the moment since this would only make me emotionally sick. I did love her, so I thought. I know myself so little.

Made a decision–no more Brass Band even if I didn’t graduate. It’s over for me there.

Scott Ferguson and I went to a concert Tuesday night at the Hollywood Bowl. Saw and heard Aaron Copeland. Great man. We met him and got his autograph. What a trip. I gave him a note saying “Thank you for your “Ode to the Common Man.”  It has inspired a young man through depression and gave me hope towards a new world. Thank you, Jim.”

He took off his glasses and read it and reached his hand to mine. His eyes were so warm and I felt he was touched. He said, “Thank you.”  Then he signed his name on my program by his biography. He changed the mood and jokingly said, “I hope everything they wrote about me is true. I haven’t read it yet.”

I wished him a long life and we left. I always wanted to meet him.

Afterwards we stopped by one of Fergie’s old stomping grounds. The Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax. We met the proprietors who let us view the last 20 minutes of a Rudolph Valentino film. It was great.


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