A Blind Man Calls Out for Help

Posted: May 10, 2018 in Uncategorized
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by James C. Stephens

Monday, September 6, 1976


Well, its been labor day for about two weeks for the RTD. Still on strike. These public strikes are so ridiculous, $2 a wk. raise. Why in the hell doesn’t management give them the go ahead. Costing the taxpayers great inconvenience…

A Blind man calls out for help for years, finally committed murder. Why people asked? Well this way I’ll be helped in prison. 3 square meals a day. Murder, societally people get off too cheap. But people are desperate like the blind man. We must alleviate the cause. So many billions in military aid given gratis to foreign nations. What of our own crying poor?

Reading scores in L.A. are atrocious. These, only a reflection of the disease. Only a reflection of the future. Somebody better get on the stick. Where is the wisdom in society? Our nation cries for leaders. Will we be ready? Will I be ready?

Cleaned out my garage yesterday. Found many books relating to the urban scene. Somehow I must educate myself. My mind is becoming thirsty for knowledge.


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