Posted: October 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

by James C. Stephens


February 19, 1976

Matisse line drawing



At sight

Seeing a beautiful girl

I love the human being

I fall in love so many times

a day,

I think I understand now

It’s beauty and song I love.

To see a Rembrandt or a Matisse

Or a beautiful foggy evening as the sun

sinks behind the horizon

Maybe this Romanticism in me.

I am thinking that many humans

have this beaten out of them or told

beautiful girl- love–sex.

I’m starting to see

Starting to see beauty in a way not

Nice looking girl-sex, but for beauty alone.

Of course Beauty has many ways of shining.

We all seek beauty.

What condition of life does beauty trigger?

Sometimes hunger, or sometimes

my Bodhisattva nature.

Beauty is culture–it provides an oasis

from the ugliness and unhappiness life sometimes deals.


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