A Radical’s Evening Out

Posted: October 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

by James C. Stephens


 Saturday, February 18, 1976

Picked up Laurie Sprague who was having some work done on her car. Laurie and Tom tried out for “A Chorus Line” a hit Broadway musical written by NSA members.

When I got home I called my guest Cindy Schubert, my old friend’s sister and also my friend. I invited her to dinner and my friend Howard, the pharmicist. My Chikabucho called and reminded me that after the meeting we were to promote World Tribune. I told him my plans and we had a good deal of friction. My fault I’m sure (sarcasm). Called Shibucho. Told him, I would follow Chikabucho, no big poisonous exchanges.

Cindy arrived and we gave each other a big hug. Good to see her. Loved our house. We ate dinner; really enjoyable. John DeGomez (my roommate) called and asked me to de-enshrine his Gohonzon. Heavy situation with a from a freak below who threatened to his Gohonzon. So I decided to roll up all the Gohonzon’s for safety’s sake. Anyway, it was a strange situation, but went to meeting.

Cindy was very stern on not going into chanting session. But when the intro of guests section of the meeting opened, she came in real fast. She’s sharp. She enjoyed meeting. I introduced her to everyone, then shakubukued her for awhile myself. She said I have really changed a lot. She took an application and might chant.


World Tribune campaign right? Quick planning session with Chikabucho and Mr. Hall. He told me, “Why don’t you promote and meet her later?”

I told him, “I think it might not be wise because I had promised to introduce her to someone for two weeks.”

“Well,” he said, “try what you can. It would probably freak her out if you took her promoting. Tell her what you’re doing and is she wants to go, go ahead. Maybe she might get into it.”

I asked her and she said, “Let’s go!”

So 4 YMD and a YWD guest headed off on a World Tribune campaign. One member gave her enough money to fill her gas tank which blew her mind. We proceeded an got three subscriptions. Drove to one place no one home. Cindy said, maybe we should find a phone. So we did and everyone got a soft drink. Called Jeff Silver-two World Tribunes! We stopped by his home in Beverly Hills and had coffee and an enjoyable time. At 10:30 we left for the headquarters where I would introduce Cindy to Vic Paddock from the Art Museum. We all got home after 12.

Cindy said before the meeting she really thought that NSA was a bunch of freaks. I’m really impressed by the people’s sincere happiness and faith in the practice.


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