by James C. Stephens

June 29, 1975

Well, its been awhile since I’ve written to you. A lot has been happening. Maybe I should tell you what happened last night. One of my members got sick. Mike Hayes about 3:00AM. I slept like a log though in the other room and found our from one of my other roommates that he was taken to the hospital. He’s okay.


Wednesday, July 3, 1975

Almost impossible for me to write in my diary. I can’t explain the changes I’ve been going through. Around June 30, I was switched from construction crew to “Buyers”.  Mr. Williams walked in while I was TCD at the front door. Health. Fortune.


Thursday, July 4, 1975

Lecture by General Director Williams on Diamond Unity based upon the Rissho Ankoku Ron* written 499 years ago. Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, 50 years after he signed the Declaration of Independence.  Only Kosenrufu will be obtained with greatest passion. Rissho means the establishment of justice and Ankoku means pacification of the land through establishment of the true faith.

700 years ago we entered the era of Shoho. So many years have passed, disasters, many people dying, shortage of food, earthquakes, typhoons, wars. Today even such miseries in Northern Ireland and Vietnam.

Met Gilmore Ching, Alfie Pagala, Wilfred Tsuda, Minoru Tamura, Richard Akisada, and Craig Tachibana.

No additions to diary–working 20 hour days towards success of the Hawaii Convention. Little or no time to self. Left Hawaii in August.


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