A Man of Action

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by James C. Stephens

September 5, 1974

I’ve discovered something very important inside my life. To be a dreamer is not good enough, to be a talker of the ideal is not good enough. These traits without action are a sad state of life. The world is full of dreamers, this I have discovered. The world is also full of good talkers. But the world has too few men of action. I’m sick deeply inside to see myself as the talker and dreamer.

LA Mayor Tom Bradley

Los Angeles Mayor “Tom” Bradley

September 6, 1974

This morning it was up at 6:00 race to Scott’s and race to the Headquarters to do Gongyo with Vice Pres. Mr. Williams at 7:30. After Gongyo we ate breakfast and shot downtown to see my other colleagues at work about our battle at City Hall. I know I haven’t talked about this. Mainly because I was a bit ashamed of the fact that it even happened. What happened was I signed a petition of grievances against our program in the mayor’s office with 14 other people, and guess who ended up standing behind it all the way? You guessed it, radical ol’ me and 3 others. We made a pact to stick to this all the way no matter what.

Instead of them sitting down like human beings and discussing our problems, they took offense so we’ve had to fight for our very future.

Note: We were a multi-ethnic group composed of college interns working in Mayor Tom Bradley’s office. We did eventually meet with him personally and he was very cordial and a statesman that I remember. Because of the budget the summer program was going to be cancelled, so we were advocating for its continuance. He was the longest serving Mayor in Los Angeles serving for five terms from 1973-1993.  He passed away on September 29, 1998).


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