Shakubuku Campaign

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by James C. Stephens

April 29, 1974

This is my resolution: I have resolved for a year to chant 2 hours of dmk a day. I believe now is the time to launch such a campaign. It is also time for me to launch my Shakubuku campaign.

Here’s my resolution for the month of May. 1) Everyday to advance vigorously and with a smile at work and in district activities; 2) To chant 2 hours of vigorous dmk for these personal goals; 3) To Shakubuku 7 Y.M.D. (Young Men’s Division); 4) To promote 25 World Tribune; 5) To learn the true spirit of Sta-Funi (Oneness of Master and Disciple) and follow no matter what; 6) To read a news magazine each week; 7) To study Buddhism at least 1/2 hour per day. My goal in Shakubuku each day is 10 phone numbers every day. To support my Chikabucho to my fullest extent.

May 1, 1974

This morning I rose at 6:45 and went to Ric’s with Gary and put up a Butsudon for him. We chanted for about ten minutes. It was a groovy visit. He asked us to help him chant for a couple of weeks every morning, because he said, “I’m lazy, and I won’t keep up unless I get help.”

Afterwards when I got home around 8:00, Paul and I went next door and put up a Butsudon in the neighbor’s house. Pam had a marijuana cultivation charge to face in court today. We told her to chant for that. The charge was dismissed. Because of such a benefit, their family received Gohonzon tonight! I positively promised that the Gohonzon would work on her court case. It did!

Tonight I worked overtime until 10:00. We chanted til 11:00. Part of my resolution was to get 10 phone #’s. So I shakubukued until 1:40 AM from 11:00PM to get them and I did! Fantastic Shakubuku!

Now I’m chanting my 1/2 dmk to complete my 2 hours and then time to hit the hay!

May 2, 1974

In my campaign today, I shakubukued some people with it seems alot of potential. After work at about 8:30, Chico and I went out and did a couple of hours of Shakubuku. At work I ran into an old friend of mine from Monroe. He is my age and already has some grey hairs. He is not in the best condition.

May 3, 1974

Worked until 8 and then left immediately for the JHQ (Joint Headquarters in Santa Monica). I caught the end of Mr. Williams lecture. Today was President Ikeda’s Inauguration Anniversary. I did TCD (Traffic Control Division) there by passing out the candy and drinks, gifts from Mr. Williams.

Afterwards I did Shakubuku until 2:00A to try to reach my goal of 10 phone #’s. Only got 8. Try harder tommorrow. Didn’t get to talk to Soshibucho, but he said to come down tomorrow night..



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