by James C. Stephens

April 20, 1974

Passion. Mr. Hall said last night that there are very few people in the world today that possess passion for some noble cause. I personally was impressed by what he said more than ever before. From that moment I resolved to become a man of passion and started a million daimoku campaign exclusively for that goal.

At the same meeting I was appointed a chief toban. In the entire headquarters I am one of two hanchos that have been given the privilege of being a chief toban. At the end of the meeting all the new chiefs had to lead a song, “Forever Sensei.”  After leading that song I felt totally different and extremely nervous, wired about this new opportunity. Many people congratulated me afterwards. I feel that yesterday was a changing point in my practice. I got a haircut and I started my fourth segment of my diary. And I was promoted into a new position of responsibility. Also Shibucho, for the first time said that I should start connecting with Soshibucho when I couldn’t get ahold of him.

After I got off work I had a nice surprise check of $238 waiting for me at home from the government.

Sunday, April 21, 1974

Blazing Saddles

Didn’t get too much accomplished today. I felt very tired. In the evening Paul Daimond, Dave Creek and I went and saw “Twelve Chairs” and “Blazing Saddles.”  “Twelve Chairs” was really funny, but held some positions of human tragedy. It was a well done movie, whereas “Blazing Saddles” was trying a bit too hard to be funny. I felt insulted by some of the humor.

Twelve Chairs



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