by James C. Stephens

April 1, 1974

Ikeda at UCLA 1974

Daisaku Ikeda, President of the Soka Gakkai greeting Nichiren Shoshu Academy members after his address “Toward the 21st Century”  at UCLA. 

How fortunate a youth I am to be able to attend such a lecture with our master President Ikeda. The auditorium was totally packed and 2 of my Shakubuku who have Gohonzon were there! Marsha Bingham and Gary Shelton. Strangely almost all of Sepulveda ended up on the floor in front of the front row of chairs to listen to President Ikeda talk with us. He looked at all of us. His humanism permeated the room. Some of the points which deeply impressed me were “If you have a motto, but don’t practice it, it is nothing but a joke. Arnold Toynbee (the English historian) and his wife get up every morning at 6:00. Our fight is to become human beings from animals. I’ll post the clipping of the speech in here, that will give the accurate speech.

Toward the 21st Century Drawing by JCS UCLA 1974 inverted

JCS. Research note 2016. In 1974, I didn’t find a copy of his speech, although it may have been printed, but did find a listing of his addresses  and was surprised to find UCLA at the top of the list as his first University lecture abroad.  Some of the transcripts are included.



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