President Nixon, innocent or guilty

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by James C. Stephens

February 1, 1974

America today is going through one of its greatest trials I believe in its entire history. President Nixon, innocent or guilty, is being questioned as to his credibility. Did he or did he not have his fingers in the Watergate pie? Unfortunately it makes little difference whether he is guilty or not. The fact is that the corruption within our government is widespread as uncovered by the Watergate investigations. Our economy is being put to its heaviest test ever. Many economists forecast a depression greater than 1929. At the present time paper prices are skyrocketing a book like this one year ago cost me approximately a dollar, the price now is 1.98, almost double.

Gas prices have gone up from about 30 cents a gallon to 55 cents in less than two months. Sunday it is virtually impossible to find a gas station open because of the President’s dictum on Sunday travel. Because of the energy crisis homes have been requested to cut down their energy by 10 % or be penalized monetarily and if that doesn’t work by having your energy shut off!

Food prices are also ridiculous. Hamburger was 88 cents now its 1.03 for the lowest quality ground beef.

Because of the rising cost of living I have had to postpone my schooling. At the present time I’m looking for a full-time job. Within the last weeks it seems like my life has exploded apart in a million pieces. Everyday it almost impossible for me to get up, rarely do I get up before 10:30. When my mail comes, it is either a warrant for my arrest for some parking ticket or else it is some bill or unpaid loan. I am having a dreadful time getting my life moving. For the first time I am realizing that I’m responsible. Maybe I have been afraid to face the fact until now, but now I’m realizing that life is not a joke. My practice of Buddhism until this moment has been like just belonging to a club. Now I’m realizing that philosophy is a much more serious thing in life. I have taken my practice to the Gohonzon too lightly in the past. Now when I chant to the Gohonzon it is to survive these times.  The time are not so hard as starvation but actually one of a spiritual desert. I know that if I persevere I will overcome this momentary problem. I worry too much for a youth. However, I feel hesitant to do Shakubuku when I have so many problems and so little confidence in the Gohonzon in the past. I enjoyed getting up early in the morning and enjoying the good earth. I know now I that I can regain this prime spirit, but to use it in a new way to build a great life.

As President Toda said in the Human Revolution, “I Josei Toda will begin with nam-myoho-renge-kyo.”  I can only begin with the same Nam-myoho-rengekyo. I have nothing really except the Gohonzon. Everything I receive from now on is from the Gohonzon.

File1246The San Diego-Mexico Convention is nearing. I have a lot to change before Pres. Ikeda comes. In the past conventions, I have not really enjoyed myself. I really must change this. I should really enjoy my life and become a man of action.

All great men become great only by their daily actions. I should not feel frustrated, I have such a long life ahead. I must be patient.

Just a little progress everyday. First I must take care of my responsibilities as a hancho, which I have failed at terribly recently. But I’m learning. Secondly, I must take care of my financial responsibilities. Thirdly I’ve got to care of my health.

I’d really like to gain about 20 lbs of muscle by the convention; learn all the Gakkai songs by memory; have a new car, 2 new YMD and 2 YWD members practicing in the convention, have a house and my finances together and have my practice on a strong foundation. To just be able to enjoy my daily life.


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