Santa Claus is really a Bodhisattva

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by James C. Stephens

Thursday, November 1, 1973

At 8:00 we did a special Gongyo with Mr. Hall. Not only was it the regular first of the month gongyo, but more significantly it was the 10th anniversary of enshrining the Joju Gohonzon.

Santa Claus at the Beverly Hills HotelBesides having a fantastic day at school where my drawing teacher said I was doing B+-A- work and doing a half hour and more shakubuku; a special meeting hancho up was called with Vice President Williams at the First Headquarters. What an incredibly good ‘homey’ feeling, like I would not have traded being anywhere else for anything. What great fortune of being with V.P. Williams on his 10th anniversary with the Joju Gohonzon. He told us someday, in fact 10 years from now, we would have this Gohonzon enshrined in a room 10 times as big and it would be the International Center. He gave us great hope for the future. He talked about the San Diego Convention and revealed some of his hopes for it. Our theme song is going to be Jingle Bells. He said Santa Claus is really a Bodhisattva and we are his helpers, his Sancho Panzas. He told us to get plenty of rest, because Kosenrufu will not be done tomorrow or the next day but will take many years so let’s please all make it to the year 2000 together okay?! Hai!


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