Kikumura “Fat Housewife Worries About Weight”

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by James C. Stephens

Sunday, November 18, 1973

Kosenrufu Gongyo with M. Kikumura

Year of Society 1974

“Let’s go skating. Means let’s go do Shakubuku. That’s Mr. William’s spirit. New people think praying for World Peace, hell my family throwing alimony around and new member thinks hell what about my family?

Hancho up type. When Mr. Williams says go skating go do Shakubuku.

Sometime hard to make determination, but make up your mind and live courageous enough to walk out if you are going to onshitsu.

If you only chant Christian way, save the people, chant for world peace, you are leaving your true reason for determination behind.

I’m sure Mr. Williams will give us many targets before the end of 1974. Just like school need targets. To get something done big through minor goals. Then after many years you reach ultimate goal. Target he gave us of skating, I hope you just go to roller skating rink as an excuse.

Healthy goal, fat housewife worries about weight. Husband change. Otherwise without goals monorhythm of life. Daily practice of studying. Society pays you for what you have learned.

If you practice NSA and society disrespects you. Then something wrong with you or the Gohonzon. (Laughs) The something wrong with you.

Year of Society—good in school. Follow your Senior leaders. Start seeking and searching more than ever. And for those who have already made determination, start again. Train leaders. More benefits, more Shakubuku.’

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