Smelly Cow Dung Makes the Spring Roses Bloom

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

by James C. Stephens

August 18, 1972

What is my purpose in this life?

Why must we work, but to live?

Why must we live?

These are but a few questions perplexing my confused mind.

What is the purpose of my human revolution?

Maybe to answer these questions. Our lives change so rapidly, the only security I have found is chanting daimoku of nam-myoho-renge-kyo to the Gohonzon.

As a youth I really wish to travel, but as a developing humanist I really wish to stay in Los Angeles. Oh how painful it is to be torn between the horns of a dilemma, which is to win, it is hard to say, the fight is between and within myself.

Oh the criticism of my colleagues. I must realize that it is such smelly cow dung that makes the spring roses bloom so beautifully. But it is so damned difficult to realize this.


General Director Williams had quite an imagination. He hoped one day to have a convention on the moon.

Without water though, the fertilizer will burn out the plants. That must mean that without daimoku, the guidance will be valueless, much like rain clouds blowing over a parched land without so much as dropping a seed of water.

Oh, Gohonzon, always let me have a mind open enough to ponder the questions I have in the depths of my life, the fruit of my hope, for when mankind can answer such questions he will not be so anxious, but will be more willing to realize the importance of humanity.


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