by James C. Stephens

July 24, 1972

For the past weeks I had been working on a maintenance job. At first I thought the job would be alright, but the boss wanted us to start at 7:30 instead of 8:00 and instead of getting off at 5:oo we would get off at 6:30. Everyday I really learned alot about society and my life also. Nichiren Shoshu is really a castle, but outside I never realized how radically tense and hateful people were.

My father for the past weeks has really been having a rough time. He always looks so sad. Last night we went out and had a bite to eat and we both really missed family life. It’s hard for me to encourage him. After dinner and Gongyo I hit the sack.

Ron came in soon afterwards, which was strange. The next morning we just walked around Northridge Fashion Center after we went to try to pick up his check, and then came home. There dad was laying down and we all talked. Ron was very discouraged and dad just as well. The whole situation is really a very sad saga in American life.


Brass Band. Although this was a photo of us preparing for the 1976 NY Convention. Many of us were in band earlier as well. John Krasno, Barry, Kurt Triffet, Dan Castle, etc.

Sunday after a short notice from Sogohonbucho about the San Diego parade we marched and every NSA parade unit won a trophy and we ended up with the Sweepstakes.

It was a very significant parade as it is the last parade we entered calling ourselves Min-on. From now on they are NSA parades. Our woodwind section is really getting together a step more. The people who participated in this parade were:

John Krasno, Rich Rode, Chip Chiparelli, Mark Tirade, Nobuhiro Nagahiro, Mike John, Mike Lisagor, Keith Ford, Dave Valencia, Dan Castle, Curtis Simmons, Kurt Triffet, Stan Gustavson.

The crowd on the sidelines really cheered us on, members and non-members alike were really impressed with our NSA marching groups. It was really fantastic.


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