Cold Suffering Bird

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

by James C. Stephens

August 29, 1972

Saturday, our hahn did about 500 or more shakubuku. Every Saturday we now plan on doing that. It really gets you cooking. Helps you overcome alot of your obstacles.

So Sunday, after Brass Band which was a long and vigorous practice, I went to work. So from 5-10 I handled the situation on my own. Buddhism is so strange. Even on my job I pick up things for my change.

Seikyo Times recent issuesMonday, I only worked in the afternoon. Afterwards I led a daimoku toso in our hahn and afterwards we studied a piece out of the Seikyo Times on the Gosho. It was about Kanku-cho (cold-suffering bird). The bird who at night would make a resolution to change her situation and build a nest, but during the warm day during the absence of the intense cold she would become Esho-funi’ed and completely forget about the previous determination.

Afterwards we split up and did Shakubuku. Ed and I went to Sepulveda Park and did Shakubuku.

On that night at the Headquarters, I got guidance on my problems concerning winning in life from Noel Brooks.



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