A Footprint on Sand on a Stormy Beach

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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by James C. Stephens

September 10, 1972

Sometimes I do not know why I continue practicing Buddhism. But my own personal philosophy is that before I started practicing I was not enjoying my life, so I set out to try and find a philosophy which could change such a situation and which could bring about a change inside so I could really become excited about living.

Sapling in Winter Blackfoot RimeOnSaplingBuddhism brings about the deepest realization of life. I am a very impatient person, but as I look at the sapling tree next to me, I realize that life is a natural rhythm, and for a sapling to grow into a great tree it must endure many cold winters and hot summers, at times it will go without food and water and with little affection. But, at times it is very difficult to realize why we want to be happy.

Sometimes for instance I feel, why world peace? Why be happy? But for the very reason I question it I realize that to care naturally about people and your own life you must joyfully undergo human revolution.

At the moment I must sink my roots, I must strive hard, but naturally to progress.

If I quit now, I will only be like a footprint in sand on a stormy beach. But if I continue to progress in a natural way, I will one day feel like a majestic mountain inside in perfect harmony with life.

Let me try this practice for 20 years and on September 10, 1992, let’s see where my life has gone.


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