by James C. Stephens

June 11, 1972

Kosenrufu Gongyo. (General Director William’s delivers a Gosho lecture on A Reply to Lord Matsuno). “Band of men, very small, but bond in unity to fight big band of warriors. Sons want to follow Father to death, but Father said you return to mother’s place. Son 14 years old. You are young and to live. People are waiting for such a loyal man. Guidance to son: Future is important. Son and father in tears say goodbye.

We are all children of President Ikeda. Three and one half billion people waiting for the Messiah. That’s us!

Because America’s past history okay, future is not okay. That’s dangerous. Anything can happen. Miserable things like JFK. Internal strife. Thirty years from now America’s youth hopeless. But don’t worry, youth of NSA bright and shining and will take care.

Sessenbo to find out enlightenment, gave body for sutra to devil. It was nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Jumped off cliff. Sessenbo felt why should I die while falling, but when he got to bottom it was sho-tenzin, the Buddhist gods.

Your life belongs to America, to world, to Gohonzon. It is your obligation to prove kosenrufu. Please take care of yourself. Hearst slow when you are born ready to get you. If you complain, jealous, become a rattlesnake in Arizona.

Our mission is to save mankind.

Some priests even in Nichiren Shoshu formality. President Ikeda says we should encourage one another. Nikko Shonin “Geka” so close, so beautiful, but some priests envy President Ikeda.  Geka really trusts President Ikeda. We know what a penny is, we sweat.

Toynbee Ikeda Dialogue Choose LifeSogohonbucho’s report (as he accompanied Daisaku Ikeda). “Left Tokyo, stopped in Moscow. Personal impression. Cold atmosphere. Everyone’s a government official. Nobody waited on us. Just watched.

Went to Paris after Moscow, then to London. Arnold Toynbee and President Ikeda together for over twenty hours.

“Discussed subjects and views on the future. Toynbee old, but President Ikeda so young. Mrs. Toynbee said (last words), “People of the world need people like you.”



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