Car Catches Fire

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by James C. Stephens

June 2, 1972

Well today was the first day of my campaign and I reached my goal of 14,300 daimoku and it sure ain’t easy. I looked for a job today, made a lot of causes, but still fighting for the result. After I applied at Levitt’s furniture warehouse for a job I went out to start my car and it caught on fire. Great. I went home chanted daimoku.

We had a discussion meeting with Shibucho tonight, it was successful in that two guests out of two guests joined. After the meeting we had a section leader’s meeting at the Joint Hdqtr’s and figured out what the band is going to do for the June Monthly Leader’s meeting and Recital. Did not practice my instrument or study ½ hour yet. (Studied Kyo-dono Gosho).


June 5, 1972

McGovern run for President next to young political operative Bill Clinton HairdoTomorrow is the primary. I have an uneasy feeling that McGovern might not win over Humphrey, but I really hope so. There are also some local elections tomorrow. I’ve met or heard most of the candidates, and I must confess I’ve never seen such as sad lot with the exception of a couple. It is really a discouraging state of affairs in politics. I’m really tired of such politicians and their promises.

‘When the time for the meeting came no guests, just Sal and I and Jim were there. He turned around and said ‘What’s wrong with you guys, a Hancho and Jr. Hancho. Never with guests. Don’t you guys have any life force?”

I didn’t say anything (outloud, but inside I said), “S… I’m trying.” Inside I was really mad at the Gohonzon. 2 ½ years no members, I practice like a s..-of-a-b…. Gohonzon, I do Shakubuku, Gongyo, chant diamoku, why no guests or members? I f I don’t have a guest in twenty minutes I’m quitting or at least walking home, S…!.” I said to myself.

Well I had a guest, an Indian, Krishna Mennon, a research scientist at UCLA from India. He wants to chant. After the meeting I got into a little argument with Nancy Goyer.”


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