Rock Bottom-Time to Fight!

Posted: November 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

by James C. Stephens

Thursday-May 25, 1972

Nothing is worse that coming home to a house with no electricity, no phone, no food. Many things are really at rock bottom. It’s strange. My dad is doing poorly in his business, his apartment’s power and gas and phone is off. So are mine, no jobs, no substantial relationships with people besides members, no money. My mom and dad are very far apart, my schooling is far beyond passing, no members. It is time to fight! 


June 1, 1972

Tonight as I sit in candlelight I do it not because I like to write by candlelight but rather I have no electricity.

I want to put down on paper what I have in my heart tonight so I will begin by giving my determination for August Tozon. Everyday I will chant 14,300 diamoku so I can chant 1 million diamoku by August tozon. 1 million diamoku from June 2 to August 10. I must really change my family situation. My father is still having poor fortune. He makes some money but does not know how to spend it. I myself want to really help him catch up his bills and bookwork.

But to do so I must get a full time job. For other prime reasons I withdrew from school and am now looking for a full time job. I don’t know if that was a mistake, but I am confident with the Gohonzon it will turn out to be a great benefit. The reason I am resolved to chant so many diamoku is so I can really understand my mission and meet President Ikeda in August. I also want to really develop mercy for other human beings and become a confident leader for Kosenrufu.

As a member of Nichiren Shoshu Academy I also resolve to study Buddhism at a deeper level for 20 minutes a day.


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