No Easy Task Being a True Pioneer

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by James C. Stephens

Tuesday-May 9, 1972 

It is not an easy task being a true pioneer. It is a constant struggle against yourself, always pushing a step further, when you feel you can not go anymore. Life is constant struggle, but it is so beautiful, because with great struggle comes great growth.

President Ikeda states:

‘On the road to World Peace many problems may occur.
However, through Hendoku Iyaku we must continue our
boundless advance, never stopping for anything.’


Tuesday-May 23, 1972

North America Joint Headquarters Building in Santa Monica, California.

Last night Jim Jay, Lee Pederson and I returned the key from the Min-on Warehouse #1 and we saw a few people gathered around a person upstairs, so we just went up there and a lady said, “Excuse me” (wanting to prevent our access), but we just kept walking. For two hours Mr. Fukushima Youth Division Chief (from Japan) gave everyone personal guidance from Gongyo to marriage.

He said, ‘I’d rather you not be seen, but be like the axle on a car. It’s the dirtiest, darkest job, but it is the driving force of the car. You know the drive shaft can’t be seen. You be the same.’

‘In your twenties you should wear working clothes, later in your 40’s and 50’s you will have plenty of time to wear other dressy clothes…

‘He said, ‘It takes a different foundation to build a trailer house or a one story house. You can have a girlfriend or such and be happy for a year maybe even three years, but we are building a foundation like the Empire State Building. We are building happiness for forty and fifty years and happiness for eternity. That’s why the 20’s are so important.”


Hendoku Iyaku: Changing poison into medicine. Basically taking challenges and turning them into opportunities for growth.


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