by James C. Stephens

Thursday-January 27, 1972

Phil Toy, Ken Tapola and I got a house which we had been chanting for. The house is going to be great for meetings. It is really a wreck now, but it can be fixed up so nice. When I think about how I would have reacted to such a house two years ago, I can really laugh at myself. We have changed.

This evening Russ enshrined Bill Myers Gohonzon and it was a good okrie.

Afterwards, we went to see Larry Jason in a play, put on by the Black Art Class. Russ, Chico, and Iwere the only white’s there. I really enjoyed the play, but even more I realized something more about the great separation between the white and black person in America. The feeling I got was, from the Blacks, “What are you doing here?” Wow, I enjoyed it though.

Another experience I had recently which I really enjoyed occurred during our recent World Tribune Campaign. Dan Castle who is an interpreter for deaf people took me to promote with at a deaf couple’s home. He didn’t say anything, but just talked with his hands with the couple we visited. It was an extraordinary experience, and so warm.


Saturday-January 29, 1972

Tonight we had a Leader’s Meeting at the Santa Monica Civic with Sogohonbucho and I was appointed Hancho. Wow, did I go through numbers. I couldn’t do Gongyo well, my heart thumped a million times a second, unbelievable.”


Thursday-February 11, 1972

My new district chief or Chikaton is Nancy Joyer. She’s really encouraging.


Saturday-February 19, 1972

“Everyday is a battle,

Reminds me of fighting for Seattle,

But each day I try to renew

the spirit of being a Bodhisattva.

A year ago I told my taicho

I really didn’t care about people.

He told me to chant to change that condition.

Strange, I have a much different feeling about

about people this day.

Last night before my member

came over I thought how fortunate

I am to have such friends.

I recall when I was young in Montana,

I used to dream of having a friend with whom you

could discuss anything and not hold anything back.

Many of my childhood feelings are really blossoming once again.

But the fruit of my dreams is now based in reality.


 Thursday-March 23rd, 1972

“Ron called me from Mammoth and says he should be down this weekend. I was really in a sour mood for him and also my dad today, definitely the lack of diamoku. I became very fed up with school today and called Soshibucho Gary Curtis.  I told him I was sick of school and he said, “Why? Are you having tests now?”

“No,” I said, “I just can’t get behind political science.”

He said,  “School is really a game and is a test for you. A lot is bulls…, but without it what do you want to be, a dishwasher?”

He said if he could take it for six years, I could take it for 1 ½ more years.



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