San Francisco Peace Rally and Einstein

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by James C. Stephens

Friday, November 26, 1971


Student Peace Meeting in San Francisco

Mike Schubert, me, Ken Tapola, and Dan Castle at the Student Peace Meeting in San Francisco.

Sometimes, I wonder if writing in this book is good, it definitely must have some value. When I read through it, I really can recall some of my past struggles. I can enjoy those memories very much.


Tonight, I’m riding on a bus to San Francisco. When I walked up the parking lot and saw all the people, I remarked, what a groovy peace rally. For us it is the true peace rally.

During dinner, I wrote down the following of Einstein’s words in a book by Karsh, Faces of our Time.


“Awed by his unique intellect, I ventured to ask Einstein his view on immortality. He mused for a moment and then replied: “What I believe of immortality? There are two kinds. The first live in the imagination of people and is thus an illusion. There is a relative immortality which may conserve the memory of any individual for some generations. But there is only one true immortality, on a cosmic scale, and that is the cosmos itself. There is no other.”


“Einstein spoke of these ultimate mysteries as calmly as he might answer a student’s question on mathematics. With such an air of quiet confidence, indeed, that I found his answer profoundly disturbing to one who held other views. I turned to the conversation, and knowing him to be an accomplished violinist, asked him if there were any connection between music and mathematics. “In art,” he said, “and in the higher ranges of science there is a feeling of harmony which underlies all endeavor. There is no true greatness in art or science without that sense of harmony. He who lacks it can never be more than a great technician in either field.”


“Was Einstein optimistic about the future harmony of mankind itself? He appeared to ponder deeply and remarked in grave tones. “Optimistic? No. But if mankind fails to find a harmonious solution there will be disaster on a dimension beyond anyone’s imagination. To what source should we look for the hope of the world’s future? “To ourselves,” said Einstein. He spoke sadly yet serenely, as one who had looked into the universe far past mankind’s small affairs.”


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