Crosswinds and a Good Laugh

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by James C. Stephens

December 13, 1971


I saw one girl that I shakubukued about a year ago and she talked to me very openly about what she was feeling.

It’s strange how people always ask, “Are you still into chanting?”

As I was washing dishes I got a call from my mom. We had a good talk. So I told her to come to work and see me. Well what occurred was remarkably heavy for me. I could have never planned it. My mom came and I gave her a box of candy. Soon afterwards my Dad walks in. Wow, did I blow it. They walked out for coffee and then Russ walked in. He had talked to them.

Afterwards I walked into the back and tears just flowed, it was just so remarkable.

Wednesday morning I slept in and then went to class. I talked to my Mom and she was disturbed as was my dad. After I got home from school, my dad, sitting at the dining room table, said, “I’m going to chant. I’m so unhappy. I’ve got to become strong and get out of this monotonous feeling.”

He is also getting Marian to come to a meeting.

The whole thing just hit me. Wednesday night I studied until 5 in the morning for my State and Local Test. My test directly corresponded to what I studied for.

Thursday, I had another interesting experience. A former Senator Mr. Grueling from Alaska spoke at Valley State. After his speech, the listeners, which numbered very few, were asked to join the Senator in the Cafeteria for some Questions. No place was left for him, but it was strange how YMD training comes in so handy. I cleared him a nice place on a clean table. Nothing really. My picture ended up in the Sundial.

Sunday, I skied Mammoth and visited my mom. I saw my brother too. He looked in good shape. It was great to be together, even just watching the FBI.

Saturday, I drove Larry’s VW to Woodland Hills to deliver some skis. I didn’t think his gas gauge worked. It was on reserve. Tonight (Monday) he told me, when he started it, no gas. We all had a good laugh at the shop.


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