Shin’ichi Yamamoto Shakubuku campaign

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by James C. Stephens

Tuesday, September 28, 1971


Beautiful autumn day and equally beautiful benefit to be going to school again this fall. Ran into three or four Brass Band member, and its always good to see members. My Urban Scene class was so inspiring that I can’t express the enthusiasm I have for the department in words.  As Professor Lamb said that we are not just “pilots” for the urban situation, but of also a new re-establishment of humane education.

Russ mentioned a very important thing this morning about which I must take note. I have a very rude nature, especially a big head when I get Shakubuku. He said I’m so selfish in that when I’m freaking out, I let it out around the wrong people, and don’t hold it in. I have a terribly rude nature.


Monday, October 4, 1971


Right now we are in the middle of a big  Shin’ichi Yamamoto Shakubuku campaign. Sogohonbucho is in Japan with modern Abutsubo’s. We though are not standing still, but are the modern Shin’ichi Yamamoto’s fighting vigorously while our Abutsubo’s are reporting to the Dai-Gohonzon and meeting Pres. Ikeda. It is a difficult time, but my benefits are great. School is really fantastic and I have five people who joined and are interested enough to try Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. But now the difficult part is to come.


My personal Shakubuku goal is 15. I have 5, but the hardest 10 are yet to come. I am really feeling happier everyday. I just must continue to develop with a steady rhythm.


Number 1: more daimoku.

2: more Shakubuku.

3: closer communication.

4: Better son.

5: Harder study.


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