Promoting World Tribune & Human Revolution

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by James C. Stephens


Tuesday, September 14, 1971


Tonight we did World Tribune promotion. I rode my bike, but met with little success, but seeds were planted. I learn much each time however, I guess it must be successful.


Wednesday, September 15, 1971


My days had been going poorly, but that will change. Tom Cole my new boss called to tell me I have been hired for the job at the Ski Shop. Tonight I had a guest Dave. He came with me to the Headquarters meeting. He loved it. I really hope he practices. I am chanting hard for the first time to have a member of my own. I must make it! But must not stop.

He chanted with me also at the New Headquarters. Russ told me yesterday morning—No guidance. Lead your members to Shibucho!!

The meeting started off with a Gakkai song and was followed by determinations or experiences of people who promoted 25 or more World Tribune. Then it got to 10 and Shibucho asked if anyone had anything else to say.

So I got up and gave my experience to this moment. I said I wasn’t doing well, but have learned why, because my other World Tribune were just neighbors and one time shots. Now I’ve realized that I have no members so I must do more Shakubuku.

Soshibucho said that he used to shrink when they had to give WT reports. He also did the worst. But he said, it our fortune, it is good to feel shame, guilt, etc., because it is for our Human Revolution. Otherwise we will not know the value of World Tribune.

…He also said read Human Revolution; strangely it is different every time you read it. Definitely guidance to you from Pres. Ikeda. You can get closer to Sogohonbucho, Honbucho, and other Sr. leaders this way.

Resolutions should be strong willed, like Mr. Fukushima leads a song.

He also read a letter from a NY member and a Look editor showing the power of the Gohonzon.


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