Letter to My Mother I Never Sent

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
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by James C. Stephens

Wednesday, October 6, 1971


~Letter to My Mother I Never Sent



Mom, It is very difficult for me to write you for some reason. I feel so very far away from you even as a son. I could write to you and tell you just how school is going, but would be sort of plastic you know. Sometimes the division of our family really hits me very deeply and I feel so strange. But the Gohonzon works and so I know that someday you will be very happy and again we can live a great happy life with Gohonzon as our fountain of youth and happiness. All of this may sound very strange and foreign to you, but someday you will understand how priceless life and human bonds are..Presently I can’t come up to visit you because maybe I can’t stop fighting for my own human revolution. Maybe, nay someday for sure we will have a reunion that is based upon something much more firm than either you or I can understand. But everyday I do think about you, Mom I love you.




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