Dave Freaked Out and Hung His Gohonzon from the Ceiling

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
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by James C. Stephens

Wednesday, November 3, 1971


My mom sent my dad a very sarcastic and bitter letter. He and I were quite upset at her condition. I really feel very sad for my mother, but I am confident that she will wake up to Gohonzon much more than ever before. I love her very much.


Today, Dave freaked out again, he had taken his Gohonzon and hung it from the ceiling. Wow, I didn’t know what to think! I just called Soshibucho. After I had re-enshrined Dave’s Gohonzon and was chanting, I really felt like I was Jiyo No Bodhisattva, that may sound strange, but I felt proud and really chanted to help overcome Dave’s obstacle. It was a feeling of mission and responsibility. If I am going to be a politician, I thought, this is the human revolution I must go through so I can be with the people. I took him for guidance with Gary Curtis.

Dave was an interesting guy. He worked on restoring VW engines in his bedroom.



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