Visit with My Brother Ron

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by James C. Stephens

Monday, August 30, 1971

Worked 8 hrs. sanding eves on a house. Two meetings tonight were successful. I did Shakubuku before the meeting, but no guests. I must have been noticeably discouraged, because Russ drew me aside after the meeting and told me not to get discouraged, everyone’s mission is different, some can immediately draw in 8 guests, but some cut the district’s karma. Shakubuku is a joint effort.

We finally got a telephone in today. My Brother Ron is coming down for 3 days. He just spent time in Sun Valley, Idaho.


Wednesday, September 1, 1971

File3288Ron got in this morning from Las Vegas via Greyhound, so Dad and I picked him up and then went to the Butsudon shop. It is good to see Ron. It is very strange however, because he really brings out my karma extremely heavily.

This evening we spent together and saw “Andromeda Strain” and “Colossus.”  One was about Bio warfare and the other about machine as the master.

Thursday, September 2, 1971

Worked at the Headquarters until 9:30 masking walls, so we could stucco the ceilings. At 10:00 we had a Jr. Hancho meeting lead by Steve Bell. He went over Resolutions, goals, guidance and what we develop from it.  We went over songs and their great importance. The meetings showed me exactly where I was at and how and where I needed to change. I cut a lot of karma.

Friday, September 3, 1971

Ron, Dad, and I did a lot of odds and ends. I really felt that I didn’t accomplish anything, but being with Ron was a good benefit.

Saturday, September 4, 1971

Ron and Dad came to the Monthly Leader’s meeting tonight. It was the best meeting I have been to yet. They showed the new Seattle film.

Sogohonbucho just got back and related Pres. Ikeda’s guidances. He talked of people who began practicing in the 3rd period 1965-1971. He said they “have joined in the Golden Age of Kosen-rufu…Non-members are unable to measure NSA, so welcome their opinions, but always carry faith. After all faith is faith…Emphasized sticking close to senior leaders…study language.”

Sho-hondo is the happiness of all mankind. Shakubuku is like an underground stream. Lay foundations now! Steady movement. Protect Unity! Starting in January 1972, write your history of Kosen-rufu through October 12, 1975.”


Sunday, September 5, 1971

Spent the day with my Dad and brother at the Ontario “500” race. I really enjoyed the outing very much. I love my brother very much and my Dad. I had one beer and was knocked on my —-. After the Race I did Shakubuku a lot of people. I am slowly realizing what Shakubuku is all about. It does not matter whether or not they tell you to get lost, because those types just take your karma, so Shakubuku anytime, anyplace, anyone. I am finding that just the time or person you might not Shakubuku is usually the big benefit.

Ron left tonight. I didn’t want him to leave, but I know it is necessary. Dad spent entirely too much money when Ron was here, but, why worry? What has been done should not be worried about. Honnin-myo!


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