Respect Senior Citizens, They Know So Much

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by James C. Stephens

Wednesday, September 8, 1971


Tonight we had a Gosho lecture with Sogohonbucho. It was strange, because I really am starting to feel my mission in life. Pres. Ikeda’s guidance has taken on an entirely different dimension for me.

Gosho Lecture on Shonin Chi Sanze Ji delivered by Sogohonbucho at the Santa Monica Civic.

“A holy person knows three existences of life. Pres. Ikeda says: “Most important prime point is what to do now for the future.”  Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo know past, present, & future. Pres. Ikeda explains,     “From now we should have confidence in Nichiren Shoshu and in Dai-Gohonzon. Do not be afraid, be courageous!”


“You are leaders of generation today. As leaders you must understand what kind of generation now. You stand up yourself first. You should know what people are looking for. If you don’t, you are backsliders. How to guard such generation. Responsibility-take care, using common sense. Everyone is a star. Happy Zandankai, Happy members.”


Respect Sr. Citizens, they know so much.

Ri-Establishment; Sho-Justice; An-safe; koku-country; Sho-Buddhism.


Zadankai-Japanese term for discussion meeting where guests are introduced to the philosophy of Nichiren Shoshu.

Rissho Ankoku Ron-Treatise written by Nichiren Daishonin on the pacification of the land through the establishment of true Buddhism which would bring justice and safety to the country. It was a warning to the Japanese government that the practice of heretical Buddhism and religion would bring destruction to the nation.




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