Reshakubuked Two Jesus Freaks

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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by James C. Stephens

Tuesday, September 7, 1971


Quite hot and humid because of the rain yesterday. Dad did Gongyo together with me. It took an hr and 10 minutes, but we did it. I got a hell of a lot accomplished today and my schedule helped I’m sure. I didn’t crash all day which is a change for me.


Last night I brought a guest, Nina, she’s a bicycler. I’m sure she’s a Bodhisattva. We had a good Shakubuku meeting with four guests.


After the meeting I split and did a lot of Shakubuku on the way home. I reshakubukued these two Jesus freaks that had titaned from Nichiren Shoshu. They dress good, but their lives are ugly and feel extremely wicked. They really slander Gohonzon, but do they cut my karma. They’re so ugly.


But ten minutes later I shakubukued a guy from Valley Jr. College that works at Valley State and he gave me his address.


I must continue fighting for Kosen-rufu, under all circumstances. I must not stop for anyone.


Dad bought me dinner and gave me $20 to pay off my bike. We were really scraping for money, but he collected $85 installment he had forgotten about. It will make things much easier and comfortable.

Today, I started keeping a household expense account.


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