Goals, World Language Center, and Recording Session

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by James C. Stephens

Monday, August 23, 1971


This morning I resolved that I must have strong goals or determination for goals. During Gongyo I will write them down.



JYBR List of things to do


Tuesday, August 24, 1971


Tonight we had the Barbeque for the WLC students at UCLA. Dad, Rich Rodey and I went together. The Min-On really showed oneness between the audience and performer when “United Life” played Master Plan everyone ended up on the stage and really felt so good. Yeah!


Good Shakubuku on everyone including the UCLA Professors.


Thursday, August 26, 1971


Today, I worked down at the New LA #1 Headquarters. It is coming along very nice. At about 8:30 I went to the Headquarters for Concert Band. We did a recording of Anchors Aweigh and Sensei for the New Seattle Convention film. We did some other songs which weren’t recorded, but wow were they trippy. We did some songs which really signify the unending spirit of Sogohonbucho for our Space Age Convention. Blue Danube Waltz, and another song from 2001, plus a heavy composition called spectrum, orchestration + computer music.



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