First Gohonzon in America November 3, 1963

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by James C. Stephens

Saturday, September 11, 1971


George M. Williams photoThe highlight of my Day as seeing Sogohonbucho enshrine the Joju Gohonzon at our new Headquarters. It was beyond words.  After Gongyo when he turned around his life, his eyes are just so beautiful, I felt tears in my life. I feel so happy when I’m around him. He encourages you so much through his life. He said that our Gohonzon is the first in America, November 3, 1963, enshrined by the High Priest Nittatsu Shonin and with Pres. Ikeda. He talked about Hosshaku Kempon[1], and how we are going through the same human revolution from Transient to True Teaching. I can’t parrot what he said, but I can really feel it, but can’t write it.

He also said that we “must use that Headquarters. Pres. Ikeda is here 24 hours a day. Just chant daimoku and you will fuse with him for guidance. The Gohonzon has Pres. Ikeda’s name on it, and his whole Ichinen is here with it.”


Sunday, September 12, 1971

Today was the opening ceremony, but I am much happier to have seen Sogohonbucho the first to enshrine Joju Gohonzon and actually the beginning of Honmon with Gohonzon. It was a great beginning.


Tonight we promoted World Tribune. No success, but we planted a lot of seeds.


[1] Hosshaku kempon: “Literally, “to cast off the transient and reveal the true.” A Buddha’s act of discarding his transient or provisional status and revealing his true identity.” Pg. 166-167 NSIC.


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