Brass Band & the Moving Spiral

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by James C. Stephens

Sunday, August 29, 1971


This morning really felt like a fresh start to my practice. My Dad drove me to the Chiku at 7:00 and he was really in high spirits, it made me feel very happy inside. We arrived in time to catch our breath for Gongyo with Larry Shaw. Brass Band was very vigorous and high spirited.

The Maneuvers we worked on today were extremely challenging. As far as we know we are the only marching band that has tried a moving spiral since Nazi Germany 30 years ago. It is indescribable.

After Practice we sang Sensei and called for the clarinet section. I felt uneasy take leadership, but only through making attempts can you gain benefit through Gohonzon. I asked Gary Murie about Jay Stone not being there and he said it’s up to you. You take the initiative. Call Jay Stone and say, “The Clarinets are wondering if you’re still the section leader?”

Afterwards we worked at the New Headquarters and Phil, Ken Tapola, Chico, and I painted the back fence. Good benefit.

After the meeting everyone gravitated towards Russ and he stressed that from now on everyone must practice because he is not going to wait for people that are freaking out, but is going to steadily march to Sho-Hondo. He related that after Sho-Hondo a lot of regret will be happening because people did not practice with their full effort. “Everyone in our district has a chance to be in the Sho-Hondo Opening Ceremony.”  But right now everyone is just sitting wiping their ____must fight harder. Take the initiative myself. Form your own nucleus. More Shakubuku.” Immediately afterwards I just did lots of Shakubuku. Must continue no matter how bad I am freaking out!


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